Guess What.. I Am Rich, Really Rich.

Richness for me till I was a teenager just meant in monetary terms.
Now the horizons have changed.

I feel, Richness can be derived from what you have.
Do not compare it with others.
Be happy where you are, with what you have.
It increases your confidence and you learn to be content.

It took me a heartbreak, some special individuals and a TV – Show to reach the happy realization stage that I am indeed Rich.

A while ago, when my heart was broken, I drowned myself into a pit.
No one was allowed there, but me.
There were around 5-6 people who just couldn’t see me that way.
They did everything they could to bring me out of that pit.
It took me a while but I came out, and that’s when it hit me.
How rich was I to have such friends. How foolish of me to not give them attention, and to sulk for a person who doesn’t deserve it.

Also there is this TV Show which I had followed for 9 straight years.
It concluded this March, which still hurts as I have watched random episodes of it every now and then.
The name of that show was “How I Met Your Mother”
They had only each other, yet survived, got drunk, did awesome and crazy things, were very happy and indeed..RICH

Now you will be thinking what the connection between this sitcom and richness is.
I know it might sound stupid, but this sitcom has taught me many things.
It taught me to be happy when I was sad, to be crazy when you need to be, to make things right with people who matter to you the most etc.
But the main thing they taught me.
That it doesn’t matter how less of friends you have because even if you have 1 friend who will stick to you in good or bad times, who will celebrate, get beaten, get drunk with you, do stupid unexplainable things and also point out to you when you are wrong, then my dear… You are Rich.

Since then, i have this thing circling my mind i.e. “I am Rich, Really Really Rich”

What do you think about this article?

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