Forgive and Forget… Really?

I’ve heard many say that it’s best to forgive and forget.
I’ve also read that we must do this not for them, but for our own peace of mind.
Honestly, I cannot do that.
I won’t say I haven’t tried, but a part of me just cannot let go.
My mind keeps on reminding me whenever I see that person’s face of all the wrong doings which I have forgiven.
This applies not only to frenemies, but also to anyone whom I consider close to me.
I know I’m not a saint either.
People close to me forgive me for my mistakes too. They forget, but I find it tough to do that.
I know it’s not a good thing to do, and I must get rid of this, but it just doesn’t seem to happen.
Thus the heaps of such thoughts keep burdening my mind.
I feel it’s high time I need a way out.
Will you help me?
Is there a way out?
If yes, then enlighten me…
I’m all ears.
This post is also a part of Day 26 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge

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