Foodporn in Singapore

The Belly rules the mind.
In my case, it does.
Even whilst viewing food images, I get a food-gasm. The drool mode is activated, all sensors reach on an all-time serious level and the only way I can get rid of that is to find that dish, devour it or engorge in some other alternate dish till I’m satisfied.
I like posting pictures on Instagram and people close to me hate me a lot when I do post drool worthy pictures. Well I’m a self-proclaimed foodie and I just love to explore new restaurants, cuisines and fill my tummy with tasty food. So far I’ve kept my tummy happy without any complaints and I intend to keep it that way for the rest of my life.

Anyways, today I came across a few dishes which are found in Singapore. The images got me interested. As I glanced through different cuisines available there, the list of “Food I should devour before scaling 40” kept on increasing. There is so much of diversity in their culture that it’s obvious when you see a quantum of variety in the food.

If you ask me to choose which dish I’d like to taste first, I’ll almost die just choosing one. Literally!
So I finalized a short list in a perfect style i.e. an appetizer, the entree and finally a sweet dessert.
Here’s my perfect meal wish.
  The Appetizer: Bak Kut Teh (Meat Bone Tea)


Image Courtesy –

Yes, I would start with a soup. What better than the meat bone tea which is simple and has a historical relevance. This is a Chinese soup popularly served in Singapore. It consists of meaty pork ribs alongside spices and herbs. There is actually no tea in this soup despite the name given.
It’s believed that during the olden days of Singapore, once a poverty ridden road side noodle store owner fed a starving beggar a soup which was made using leftover pork bones and whatever spices he had. He wanted to help the beggar and he did. 
Anyways this soup might look as interesting as others but it’s been there since Singapore was transforming into a developed economy. So I feel it deserves to be on every person’s list. 
 The Entrée: Char Kway Teow (Fried rice cake strips)    
Image Courtesy –

Yes, this is another signature Singaporean dish made with flat rice noodles. It includes the rice which is stirred with egg, pork lard, Chinese sausages and fish cake. Sometimes cockles are added.  This dish is full of fats and energy.


It’s believed that during earlier times, this dish was made to be loaded with fats keeping in mind the needs of the laborers who needed the cheapest source of energy. What better way than to get it from fats right?
It might not look as loaded as other dishes are but I just fell for it the moment I read about it. I’m waiting to have this soon.

Dessert: Sago Gula Melaka
Image Courtesy – HoneyandSoy
This was the toughest moment for me. After checking out so many varieties my heart fell for the Sago pudding with Gela Melaka. The image itself gives me the shivers. It’s popular, easy to make and widely available. So I won’t find it tough to savor it post the meal.
Whilst researching so much about Singaporean food i came across Far East Hospitality’s webpage and you must too. The amount of information they have on Singapore is gigantic.
I’m finally convinced that someday I’ll be there trying out almost whatever I can from Singapore. They have a lot of varieties which has to be credited to the cultures prevailing in the country.

Here’s a meme i made in ode to the love i have for Singaporean food.
Image courtesy – MemeGenerator

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