E is for Eisegesis – A to Z Challenge 2017

E is for Eisegesis which means faulty interpretation or explanation of text.

So.. Has it ever happened that you read or interpreted a text or someone’s words in a different manner?

As a matter of fact, does it usually happen that you perceive negative thoughts in such situations?

In my opinion, this would be very bad not only for you but also for the relationships you’re handling.

Incidentally, we like hearing good things.

But if we hear something that’s not good, then some of us snap! That’s Eisegesis.

Of course the person never meant any ill-well but we have already imagined the bad things they have indirectly spoken to us.

There lies the problem. Sometimes it’s best to hear the person out and ask them why they feel that.

Finally, that’s what will give you closure.

For Instance – Someone tells you that you don’t speak or write English well. Instead of snapping by telling them something back harsh, ask them the basis of why they feel that way.

Maybe you’ll get few answers that’ll help you get better!


That’s all for today!

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9 thoughts on “E is for Eisegesis – A to Z Challenge 2017”

  1. I doesn’t even know how to pronounce it and I googled. πŸ˜€ I do agree to not snapping but gently asking the other the reason.. but sometimes snapping can’t be helped.

    1. Hehe, Yes I totally agree. We are humans! Sometimes snapping just happens and it feels the right thing to do!

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