Drawing the Line… Literally!!

For some people there are boundaries to the way they behave.
For some there are no limits.
What are you?

Me… I’d choose the first option any day.

We all have reservations.
It can be in matters of work, love, family, friends etc.
We draw the line on our conversations mainly to let people know that this is a zone you are not allowed entry to.

What’s funny to us might not be funny for the opposition.
The more people you know, the more confusing it gets as we have to remember where and when to stop talking about certain matters because if we forget that and overstep the line unintentionally… it will lead to a grand havoc. (Which is not good btw)

Can anything be funny?
No, it can’t.
The way we perceive different situations may not match the way how others see it.
Thus the concept of drawing the line gets tough.

But yes, there are certain general aspects which we all draw a line on and hope that others respect that.
Most of the times, things remain how they are.

But what if someone crosses the line?

What if your personal space is exposed?

What if someone makes a mockery out of a situation where you were involved?

What do you do then?

If it were me, I would have surely ended up doing something stupid or something which I would regret doing later on.
Life can’t be the exact way you pictured it to be. There will be bumps, and at those moments your actions won’t be pre-determined.
You will have to make a choice.
Try doing something good, or rather do nothing.

I end this post with the same question.
What would you do if someone crosses the line or makes a mockery out of a situation where you were involved?
Share with me your thoughts.

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August 13: Drawing the line:

Can anything be funny, or are some things off limits?

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