Dead And Alive

There are moments when you feel like life is a hammer and it hits you right on your face.

At that moment you feel like you are dying.

You feel suffocated.

You feel like you have swallowed your tongue.

Your possibility of breathing has been compromised due to this action.

You can’t breathe.


This is what happened to “Oleg Gusev” captain of Dynamo Kiev football club during a match this season.

The match was between FC Dynamo Kiev and Dnipro FC.

During one such attack, when Gusev used his head to score a goal, it unfortunately connected with Dnipro’s keeper’s knee.

That blow knocked him out cold.

Within a matter of 3 seconds, the nearest player i.e. Dnipro’s captain Jaba Kankava rushes to his aid, opens his mouth, removes his tongue out so he can breathe easily.

All this happened very quickly. Here is the video.

I salute his effort and his quick reactive skills. According to the medics, little bit of delay and there was a chance of losing him.

I saw this video trending on Facebook some days back. Thought about sharing it with you guys.

That said, such incidents act like a reminder to the world famous one liner on life i.e. “Life Is Short”.

Yes, life is short, and if we live regretting moments and fill negativity, trust me that won’t fulfill your purpose of living.

Being happy with what you have, the people around you and that will be something worth living for.

Have you witnessed such live saving/changing situations. If yes, do share with me your story too.

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  1. That was quick thinking on his part. Or maybe they were trained on this. I think not just sportsmen, even ordinary citizens should be imparted such training.

    Not all sportsmen have been lucky to survive. I think there are about 18 cases of footballers dying on the field. Recently, an Indian footballer died while celebrating his goal. He was only 23.


    1. Yes, that was quick thinking… I don’t know if he was trained for this, but his presence of mind is what i applaud. Also, yes this guy was lucky.. others weren’t. Sometimes luck plays a factor too. And yes, i did read about that player who died while celebrating.. Just too bad..
      Thanks for stopping by.. 🙂

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