Candies Bandra

Candies Bandra – Food Review Mumbai

“Candies” in Bandra is a place which every Bandra guy & girl or for that matter, every college-goer is synonymous with.
Situated In Pali Hill, Bandra, This place is a popular hangout for youngsters! I have been to this place a lot because I was from St.Andrew’s Bandra, which meant at least a monthly visit to this place.

Candies Bandra menu has a lot of variety, right from rolls, patties, to Lasagna & Spaghetti. They also have a variety in its drinks right from Hot chocolate, Some iced teas, and slush. Not to forget a Salad Bar that is quite filling and reasonable. Finally, they have a separate counter with Cookies, Pastries, etc that makes this place complete!!

Now that’s my regular meal. A salad plate which roughly costs around 120-140. It’s a one time serving where you are given a plate. You can once fill up as many salad veggies and dressing as possible. So build your appetite accordingly. Next to the salad, you will find my favorite drink i.e. the wild-berry ice tea!! If it’s not this, then I will opt for a Hot chocolate.

Candies Bandra’s timing is up to 8.30 pm in the evening. They are extended up to 3 floors, thus there is ample of space for every group. Also, there are Air-conditioned places situated on the ground floor & the First floor. Rest is open spaces but don’t you worry. Every table outdoor has a table fan!! Cool isn’t it?

So this place is a must-visit place for all groups who want to have a gala time with delicious food.

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Pop Tates Happy Hours

Pop Tates Happy Hours

Pop Tates Happy Hours is perhaps one of the best offers that graced Mumbai for 15 odd years.

For most college and working-class individuals, PopTates feels like their third home (right after home & college/office).

Pop Tates Happy Hours Mumbai

This picture sure is epic. For people who love their Beer, be amazed as Pop Tates menu has every vice waiting for you. A hangout spot for almost everyone, this place caters to the needs of each customer. Beer, Whiskey, Vodka, Gin, Rum, and Liqueur: You name it and the Pop Tate’s Menu will have it.

There is a special segment called the “Pop Tates HAPPY HOURS” where for a certain time period, all domestic drinks and beers would be “BUY ONE get ONE FREE”.

Pop Tate's offers

You will be surprised to know that the Pizzas at Pop Tates Dahisar, Malad, Vashi, Mulund, and Sakinaka is one of the best highlights of the resto-bar. Not only are the french fries tasty but also are their starters whether its Veg or Nonveg. The Pasta is good but a tad bit overpriced, and this can be also said for a few of the appetizers. The Desserts have reasonable pricing. A special mention to their sizzling brownie with vanilla ice cream that is a favorite among the young crowd and during Birthday parties in Pop Tates.

pop tates mulund happy hours timings

Below are some of the most amazing food pictures I managed to capture. Have fun checking them out. Please note that the PopTates menu may or may not have all of these items. For example, Pop Tates in Andheri might not provide certain fish and lamb related appetizers but Pop Tates Malad might be providing them.

A sizzler like this is too good to be true!! It’s quite reasonable with prices around 250-300. I had tried this in PopTates Malad.

pop tate's vashi happy hours timing

This is by far the most sinful thing I have indulged in any Pop Tates near me. A sizzling brownie with vanilla ice cream can give a lot of happiness. Also, this can be the best substitute for the cake cutting!

Happy Hours in Sakinaka

Lastly, cheese balls. These are perhaps the best I’ve tried to date & the dip they give compliments the cheese perfectly. If you are a beer person, this can be an amazing chakna for your beer.

Pop Tates Cheese Balls

No matter you’re a couple, friend group, colleagues, or anything else, Pop Tates will always welcome you.

You can watch a live match, have a smoke in dedicated smoking rooms, and even get your private space!

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Mad Over Donuts Mumbai

Mad Over Donuts – The Best Donut – Doughnut place in Mumbai, India

Mad Over donuts!!!! a name exactly describing a person who likes, loves, craves,donuts!!
I am a doughnut lover..(If you touch my doughnut, i will kill you) I mean it..
One of the biggest temptations is to resist this small round ball of love!! 🙂
I have been here many times thus i have a lot of pictures !! will describe each one!!


The above pictures depict the love i have for these sweet nothings!! they keep offers to attract more audience and the loyal ones just flock to the outlet as and when they need to have one!!
Price – 55 per doughnut
Offers- Buy 5 get 1 free

Mad Over Donuts is well known for its reasonably priced donuts. What they also have gotten better over the years is their combination styled products.

Yes, you can get a box of 3,6,12,18 and in various sizes and themes! Isn’t that great? The Mad Over Donuts menu and offers are popular with the masses. They also run offers where on a specific date, donuts will be priced at less than 20 rupees! Can you imagine?

So if you are looking for a unique romantic gift for your partner, MOD has you covered. There’s a Mad over donuts in Bandra, Dadar, Shivaji Park, Juhu, Pune in Maharashtra, etc.

Who is the owner of Mad over Donuts?

Adding a bit of information, MOD is owned by Lokesh Bharwani.

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BarbequeNation – The Best Buffet Place in Mumbai

My first visit to Barbequenation after a lot of recommends from friends & acquaintances turned out to be a satisfied meal..
The Ambiance seemed good for a dine-in…
Since i was recommended for a Buffet by almost everyone… i went forward with that idea..
I with my family went on a Sunday evening for dinner!
This place needs reservation calls thus if you ever plan to go ahead.. then please book in advance..
Also the rates of Barbequenation are pretty decent and expected.
On weekdays it costs less (Around 500-600).. & weekends more (Around 700-800) !!
For dinner we were charged 800 per person.



The pictures i clicked above are of the desserts which were present there… Don’t they look delicious?? 
Also, the grill which i mentioned is exactly on the center of the table.

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These pictures only show the food. Here is something you must know about Barbeque nation rates, offers, and menu.

There’s a ton of variety and they keep changing from season to season. The Barbeque won’t just contain meat and veg tikkis. They also are notorious in adding pineapple in it. Isn’t that great?

The staff is welcoming and are always available to serve you. They don’t accept tips as the service tax covers it. So even if you try to pass them money, they won’t accept it. Talk about ethics huh!

So if you’re looking for the best buffet experience in India, Barbequenation is the place to be