Till The Bubble Bursts

It’s basic human tendency that we can get the best out of us only when we lose something or come close to losing something.

What i’m trying to say is that we will not try to outperform our expectations, try being better than we were yesterday until something happens.
It’s like we cannot do something until a “catalyst” helps us concentrate.
Here’s an example:
A son/daughter never listened to their parents. They tried to get them on track, get better at studies, work better, get settled in life.
Then all of a sudden either of the parent or both fall unwell and there’s a high chance that they might die. 
The next thing you know is completely dramatic.
The child automatically starts prioritizing the future of him/her and the family.
Everything goes back on track.
I’m sure you can relate this to a few movies too, right?
So why do we need to wait till the bubble bursts?
Why wait till something changes your life?
Can’t you be the change?
God forbid if in the above example the parents died, and the children then did everything their folks wanted, is that a good thing?
Partly YES but partly NO also.
What’s the use if they cannot see what you’ve become. I agree they’ll be happy you now are successful, but what’s the use if they are not here to see it?
Instead, it would be awesome if they could see you rising, be successful, be happy.
Trust me, there are many who’d say, they wish they’re loved ones were there to witness their rise.
Don’t be one of them.
Get better than the best.
Keep your folks happy.
Do it when they’re still around.
Cos you’ll never know when the bubble bursts.

Have you come across such a situation anywhere?
If you could relate this to a movie/book/real life situation,
Do let me know.
Happy reading!

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