Breaking Stereotype – Family Life Situations

Today’s topic is about breaking the stereotype in a family life situation,


Sunday mornings means I go to church!

Firstly to make it clear, I do like going for mass.

Also, it’s one time of the week when I get to hear my favorite choir sing and that’s awesome.

Today’s sermon gave me an idea which I had to convert into a blog post.

The thought is about 90% of us being part of a stereotype. When given a situation, 90% of us would always see just one side of it.

For me to convince you about being part of a stereotype, let’s look at a situation.


There are 4 people in the family. The first person “A” enters home with an empty bottle. That person throws the bottle on the floor and then proceeds to hit one of the family member “B”.

There’s “C” who is reading the newspaper and is scared to interfere.

The last person “D” is engrossed using the smartphone and is scared to react.


So what did you imagine?


Did you imagine a drunk father entering the house post his drinking session and hitting the wife while the kids just watched and were scared to react?

It’s not wrong to think like that. I did that too.

Although, why couldn’t it be the elder sister entering home and raising her hand on the younger brother while the old parents watched because they were too weak to react?

It’s because we as a society show domestic and physical abuse only through the eyes of a drunk man!

To conclude, this topic did ring some bells and got me thinking about how we react to certain situations unknowingly.

We just don’t see the whole picture.We judge directly without proper research.


Either you can share my thinking or can question my thoughts. I’d love to hear your views on this topic.

Happy Sunday!

What do you think about this article?

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