Book Review – Sam's Letters To Jennifer By James Patterson


This is a good attempt by James Patterson.
A story full of love, full of emotions.
Right from the start, till the very end, its tough not to break down.
He has showed that crime and murder is one side of him, but he can too write a bit of romance and mystery.

The story is of Samantha (Sam)who is grandmother to Jennifer.
Jennifer has recently lost her husband Danny.
Sam had written her letters long back and Jennifer reads them whilst Sam is admitted in the hospital.

In the letters conceal a secret of Sam, and her life which through twists and turns made her what she is today.
Through her letters, she aims to make Jeniffer understand the love never dies, and that she should give love another chance.

This story has been drafted superbly.

One negative aspect of this story which i felt is that, such stories are too perfect to be true.
It just feels too perfect.
It might be possible, but too hard to digest.

My overall rating – 4/5

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