Am I Normal?

What does being normal mean?
It means to behave, live, eat, walk, and work in a certain code of conduct in front of family friends, in short the society.
You don’t follow the code, then boy are you in trouble.
You have to behave in a polite manner, no matter of what is boiling inside you.
To act normal is to cry, laugh, be expressive, and in short show what you feel right from the inside.

But does that happen usually?

The answer is a big fat NO..!


Let’s take me for instance.

It’s tough to be normal for me when I’m panicky, or I’m upset or angry.
But that had to be kept aside, as “what will others think if I snap at them”
“They will make fun of me”
“They might think I’m crack”
“They will speak things behind my back”


That was me, a couple of years back.
Now, I have changed the definition of normal for me.
The word normal means to do what you desire the most.
I mostly follow this, only can’t apply this concept everywhere.
And that’s what keeps me happy.

Do what you want to do.

You want to dance on the canteen table? Do it.


You want to Bunk a class? Do it.
Don’t think what others have to say about you.
Let them think you are abnormal or weird.
As if you care.
You are not born to defy the odds and fulfill their expectations.
You be happy, you are normal.

I don’t like being normal.
There are times I feel like ding weird and crazy stuff too.
But the same old though arrives.
What will others talk about me?
That thought was crushed 2 years back.
Now, I behave as I want to in front of my friends, and guess what? They accept me how I am.
So be who you are. I agree you do have to behave normally at some places like at work, prayers etc, but apart from that don’t be normal.
Be crazy, be Happy, as you got one chance. Make it count.

This post is a part of the 365 days of writing prompts by Word press Editors
June 9 :

Being Normal: Is being “normal” — whatever that means to you — a good thing or a bad thing? Neither?

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