Why Did You Abandon Me?

Lately I’ve seen a lot of shared videos on social media.
Mostly all of them are related to one topic i.e. “Abandonment”
Whether it’s an animal, or a new born, or sending your parents to an old age home; these videos are hurtful not only to the human eye, but to anyone having a heart.
It hurts to see such things happening.
There is no way of understanding what goes in the mind of the culprit who just loves somebody, and then all of a sudden just abandons them.
I mean what goes on in the thinking of such an individual’s mind?
Also haven’t they given a thought on what will the victim go through?
All they’ll be wondering is… What did we do? Why did you leave me?
These questions will remain unanswered and will haunt them for the rest of their god forsaken life.
When you have taken the responsibility, it’s not only for the good times; it’s also a promise you make to handle the bad times too.
Now what we as a 3rd person do after listening or viewing such things do?
All we do is share these videos in the hope of increasing the outreach.
I know you will ask what else can we do?
I say, “There is hardly something you can do about this”
But there is something.
If a person has abandoned someone like a pet or done something even more hideous than that i.e. abandoning a kid, or a family member, then you make sure to cut ties off with them.
No matter what reasoning they come up with, how logical it may sound, but in the end of the day, you can never be friends with a person who has abandoned his own somebody.
If a man/woman can abandon their own somebody, then you can never trust that person. Not for anything and everything.
This is what I feel.
Would love to know if you have ever witnessed such events, seen such videos.
What goes through your mind?
Does your heart cry out for them?
Do you want to help them?
What do you feel about the perpetrator?

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