5 reasons why you must watch BLENDED..!!



Blended is a light hearted movie full of love, with a normal story made extra ordinary with the acting of the entire cast.

I watched this movie a week ago in theaters, and since then have been yapping about it to every friend of mine to watch it. Literally.

Not only have I downloaded the movie, but have watched it twice too 😛


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The entire movie, Terry Crews and the entire band behind him keep showing up at different parts of the movie and keep singing.

Trust me; it’s quite hilarious and funny at the same time. You just can’t help but watch them sing even if it means they are working out together 😛


WEK wek_blended052214_13167219_8col

It’s all about family, isn’t it?

This is a snapshot from one of their safari adventures.

The kids have done a wonderful job, and have complemented both the lead actors throughout the movie.

They also have goofy experiences and its worth watching.


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The guys above are the supporting cast.

Throughout the movie, even though they have less of screen time, they have done an exceptional part in keeping the audience rolling with laughter.

You just can’t help it, but these guys have done an amazing job.


Blended 2014 Wallpaper

And finally, them!

If you ever watched 50 First dates, you know what to expect from these two.

They are exceptional.

They can make a normal script look like an awesome script with nothing but their acting.

Thus, if you haven’t’ watched it yet, I suggest it you do it now!

Trust me, you will enjoy it..!!


Link for Blended Trailer :



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