Y is for Yede – A to Z Challenge 2017

Y is for Yede which means to go.

Do you know when it’s time to go or you like to keep trying till it works out?

We humans always have HOPE.

We will try until the very end to save what we can.

Although the person/thing you want to save doesn’t want to be with you. Still we’d like to try.

Probably you just like the person/life you have and cannot think of living without them.

Maybe you just feel that things will soon be alright even though you can sense things going down south!

We are so scared of seeing life without the other person that we don’t see the good things that can happen too.

What can we do anyway?

Love is blind, they say!

So blind that everyone can see the blind-spot but you!

We need to fend for ourselves too.

Yes, that’s selfish but it’s better than crumbling and losing yourself bit by bit.

We need to decide when it’s time to go.

Because it’s either our way or the high way!


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