Saturday Photo hunt ~ ROCK ~

This week’s theme reminded me of my college trip to Rajasthan, India.

Those indeed were the good days!

Here are some rocky images from that trip. 🙂

2013-12-05 16.02.36
Now that definitely reminded me of “The Lord Of The Rings”

I apologize for this blurry picture, but the background just forced me enough to let it upload in this post. 😛


Apart from my Rajasthan trip, i also have a picture whilst on a trek. It was raining so heavily that the entire area felt more or less like a swimming pool.

2014-07-27 11.46.45
That’s one rocky pose!!


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Book Review – Private India

A city that never sleeps…

A wicked serial killer who hates women…

A corrupt system…


One guy who dares to stop him

This is a classic James Patterson plot.

And I like it as I have liked his other ventures.

With the help of fellow author Ashwin Sanghi, this book gave me as a Mumbaikar, an altogether different feeling.

The storyline being set in Mumbai gave me more benefits in terms of visual referencing as I could make out majority of the places mentioned in the book.

This couldn’t be done in his previous books. 😛

Also, the story is set during the Navratri season. Guess what? As I’m typing this, we are in the middle of the Navratri season. So the book reading experience goes up to an all together new level for me.


Anyways, the story is set up this time in Mumbai, as “Private” officers try to decode the prolific cases in the country, without the ordinary public knowing much about them.

This time, they handle a serial killer, whose specialty is only with killing females.

Also the perpetrator gives the murder an artistic look, with some random prop’s which won’t make sense to you and me unless we break our heads together and search for a pattern.


The killings seem to be on a random basis. Santosh Wagh, the head of “Private India” alongside his team are always 2 steps behind the killer.

It’s almost as if the only way they can track the next victim is post her death!!

Private Officers then try various angles, which also makes them enter the forbidden territory of the rich and influential people who have their derriere insured by the politicians.

Of course they get some clues but to link them become a problem. But to use them, means raising alarm bells which ain’t a good sign for them. With majority of police officers under the payroll of the politicians, it gets tough to cough up information and leads in order to solve the case.  

Also, the killer seems to be in no mood to stop these murders.


In the later stage of the story, although through co incidence but Santosh cracks up a pattern courtesy of Goddess Durga.

The killer seems to be using the props which are seen in the 9 forms of Goddess Durga.

So this makes clear to the officers, that there would be 9 murders and all of women. The only negative aspect is that by the time this news is out many women had been killed.


Now, for the first time, the cops know something and can work on the lead. They keep up their work, connecting the dots to all the victims.

The climax shows Santosh Wagh and his team cracking the pattern alongside the relation between all the victims.

By that, they make out the name of the killer and the last target who happens to be Nisha, an officer from Private India.

Santosh and his team try their best till the very end derailing all problems right from politicians to corrupt cops who try to thwart their plans to catch the killer.

But “Private India” officers are no small time officers, and they prove this by beating all odds and saving their own Nisha from the grasp of the killer.

The ending shows a rather disturbed Santosh thinking of quitting “Private India”.


You will find it tough to connect the dots until the very last chapter.

But it will be fun when you rattle your mind to find the killer and the motive behind the killings.

Go ahead.

Knock yourself out.

Read it.

Well done Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson!!


Buy via Filpkart – PRIVATE INDIA

Read Synopsis via GoodReads – PRIVATE INDIA

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Book Review – Suzanne's Diary For Nicholas

This book has been written by the well known JAMES PATTERSON

He is more into the crime, murder and mystery segment.

Thus, while purchasing this book, in had a slight hesitation.

It sounded like a typical mushy Rom -com book.

Anyways, I’ll give you a gist of the main characters in this story;

Suzanne – Mother of Nicholas

Matt – Father of Nicholas

Nicholas – Son

Katie – Matt’s new love interest.


What guesses have you made by reading the above lines?

Matt cheated on his wife?

Matt left Suzanne and then dated Katie?

Matt killed Suzie?

etc etc..

I had made up many of these thoughts in my mind while reading the starting few pages.

Did any of these happen?

Read below to find out.


The story begins with Katie who hasn’t stopped crying ever since that fateful day when all of a sudden Matt arrived home to tell her that things can’t work out between them.

That all is over, and she should move on.

That was hard on the poor girl who was just about to give him the best news.. Yes she was pregnant, and was going to have Matt’s baby.

She never said a word. how could she?

That devastation had gripped her for days and weeks.

The once smart and gorgeous looking girl, now could be seen as a “I need a hug desperately” type.

She then receives a parcel from Matt, which reads,

“This is a diary about my wife and son and me.

This should explain things better than i ever could.

If you have the heart, read it.

I will warn you though, there are parts which might be hard for you to read.

I never expected to fall in love with you, but i did.”


Katie thought it out, and then opened the diary and started reading.

At that start of every page Suzanne wrote “Dear Nicholas”…

The next few pages go around her life before she fell in love with Matt.

She was a doctor practicing in Boston.

Life was good, until she got a heart attack, which gave her a huge scare.

She had this beautiful thought which i have kept in mind myself.


” Imagine life is a game where you are juggling 5 balls.

The balls are; Work, Family, health, Friends and Integrity.

One day you realize that, work is a rubber ball.

If you drop it, it will bounce back.

The rest are glass balls.

If you drop one of them, it will be scuffed, nicked, maybe shattered.”


Post recuperating, she gave up her job, and the city life and went back to the place where she spent her childhood life i.e. Martha’s Vineyard.

Life was good, the air felt more pure and she started reconstructing the house. She called in the painter, and that’s how Suzanne met Matt “The Painter”

After a series of healthy flirting, Matt asked Suzanne for a date, and then ever since there was no separating these two.

As Kate read these parts she remembered Matt’s words, “It might be hard to read some parts” he said.

She kept reading.

Katie had immersed herself in the pool of Matt’s thoughts.

She couldn’t forget how they met, how their likes and dislikes were matching like twins, how they loved each other.

She tried her best to forget all, but couldn’t.

Also, she tried hating Suzanne, but she was just like her.

Sweet, smart and beautiful.

As she read the later part of the book,  it had reached the day of Suzanne and Matt’s wedding.

That was all it took to break her heart completely.

She cut herself off from family, friends, life.

She didn’t read the book, promised she wouldn’t touch it again, but she couldn’t sleep.

The thoughts of what had happened later kept haunting her.

She hadn’t slept properly, nor eaten either.

She took the book, and read it.

The book now reached the stage when they realized Suzanne was pregnant. Everyone was overjoyed. They both started keeping the baby’s room ready.

Matt being a brilliant painter kept the room ready for the unborn child.

He was an artist, a poet and a great lover. Katie agreed with that.

Every minute she was getting acquainted with the unborn Nicholas, she felt bad for the child growing inside her.

She expected all this from Matt too.

Anyways, she kept reading till the last month, when there were many complications. With Suzanne’s heart condition, there were many possibilities of not having a normal delivery without risking her life.

They had to go ahead with the c-section and even though that’s not how she wanted Nicholas to arrive.

Anyways, post Nicholas entering this world, the life Of Matt and Suzanne was enlightened with more joy.

Everyone in the village adored the couple, and called the baby a shining star.

Suzanne in later parts of the diary has mentioned each and every aspect about Nicholas right from his first step, to him saying “mama dada” etc.

She even said how strong he was, how smart he looked, and gave him tips about how to deal with women.

Katie was devastated. The more she tried to hate them, the more she was falling in love with them.

It just sounded so good, that it couldn’t be true.

The Finale:

Suzanne was having terrible issues with her body and heart.

That’s when she got to know she was pregnant again.

Matt wa overjoyed, but looking at his wife, he thought it best to not have the baby.

Who could blame him for loving his wife.

He knew she wouldn’t survive.

Suzanne cried her heart out, but understood Matt thought about everything and then gave his opinion.

She then went ahead with the procedure, and tried getting used to her normal life.

Everyday she would wake up, Matt would say

” Good morning love, I have loved you more today, than yesterday”

Reading this gave me the blushes.

Katie went ahead to the last pages of the book to find out that it was Matt who was writing to the child.

That was strange as it was Suzanne all the while.

She tried figuring out what had happened.

The Matt said,

“Dear Nicholas,

Yesterday your mother had been excited as she was going top get a portrait of all of us.

She wanted to place it in the center of the house, and make you watch it.

As i was cooking the food, she passed by towards the door.

She waved me a goodbye, and that was the last goodbye i received from her!!

She had an attack, while driving and due to that, lost control of the car.

They found the car in the lake.

She died Nicholas”

Reading this, gave Katie a bad feeling.

She couldn’t feel more bad for him.

She really wanted him now, to hug him.

She realized that he hadn’t played her.

He fell for her after his wife’s death.

She happened to find more 2 pages written.

What more could be written?

Dear Nicholas,

I stand in front of your crib, playing your favorite song, feeling you looking at me, smiling.

But i can’t.

Because you aren’t in your crib.

That day when your mother had left for getting the portrait, her hands were full as she held you baby boy.

She took you along as she wanted to surprise you.

In the car, you were found dead in the back seat.

I write to you this last time saying, We all will be together.

Suzanne,Matt, Nicholas.


Katie read this, and felt a hole inside her heart.

She couldn’t feel more bad.

She ran out to Martha’s vineyard, found Matt, hugged him and said all was OK.

Matt asked if he could be forgiven to which she said, I love you.

She told him about the baby, and then they lived happily ever after.


My Conclusion:

I’m sorry but i had to write such a long review.

Very rare that i have found a book that has moved me emotionally.

That’s why i know it will be a pain for many to read this entire review worth 1300+ words.

There is this line on the head of the book which justified the book completely. I would end my review by quoting it.

It says,

” For everyone who’s loved and lost and learned to love again”

Sidney Sheldon – Are You Afraid Of The Dark?


I have to be honest here.

The start of this book, is by far the best i have ever witnessed.

4 murders take place in different parts of the world.

All 4 are brilliant scientists, working for a think-tank called “Kingsley International Group”

Also known as KIG.

The murders are made to look like suicides.

The widows of two of the deceased scientists, come to find the answer from KIG’s half owner, Mr.Tanner Kingsley.

The other owner is Andrew Kingsley. He is Tanner’s older brother.

Due to a failed lab experiment, he loses all his wit, intelligence, he can’t even remember for what did he win the Nobel prize.

Andrew is a nice guy, who wants to help the world of people who don’t have as much facilities as the U.S.

Tanner on the other hand is interested in ruling the world, and making more money!

Anyways, coming back to the scene where the widows, Kelly & Diane speaking to Tanner,

The man appears to be empathetic and tells the ladies everything that he knows.

he assures them of answers which he is trying to find out, as its not the first time, it has happened.

There were 2 murders prior to this , both of brilliant scientists well associated with KIG & were shown as suicides.

The 2 widows, then start investigations to their own, oblivious to the fact that they are on the cross-heir of the killer.

They have no guns, no armory, but only their Wit.

With that they avoid many attacks which are made to put them to death.

Mid-way they seem to realize that the killer seems to know each of their steps.

They finally get to know who he is.

Tanner Kingsley!!!

The guy with so much powers, has thugs working for him, that too professional in their work.

The guy has state of the art technology.

They can’t even do a telephone call, because his voice recognition device will catch hold of their location.

They can’t even do as much of a Google search!!

They find ways and means to find out the actual reason why their husbands and others were killed.

They finally get the answer.

Kingsley had created something which would make him the GOD of the new world…

What happens next forms the crux of the story, with a mysterious guy finishing Tanner Kingsley forever!!

They guy being Tanner’s older brother Andrew.

He didn’t know much, but had created the machine itself.

He knew what his brother’s intentions were and thus made it a point that he ends the story himself.

This story is a must read for every mystery lover!!

My Rating – 4/5