Giving Your Time – A Tough Task?


This 4 letter word sounds simple and has a meaning which is different to every single being on this planet. Time waits for no one. It goes on and on. There will be a beginning for us and an end, but time will be there.

Knowing all this, I’d want to gather your attention to a topic you might relate to; “Giving your time”

Giving your time can be interpreted as giving it for your work, your passion, your love, your friends, your family and sometimes yourself.

The main question being, “Are you giving enough time to everyone?”

By everyone I mean that small list of people who matter the most to you; whose existence matter to you; their opinions you value the most; whose absence will hurt like nothing else you’ve ever felt.

If you’re doing that, then boy I’m proud of you. It’s tough to manage even a small list of 5-10 people.

Many of us like me find it difficult to manage time for those we like. When we fail to do so, we get to hear lines like,

  • You don’t have time for me.
  • There’s 24 hours in a day and you have not a minute for me.
  • You found new friends.
  • Your phone is more important.
  • Your work is more important.

Firstly, It hurts. Yes, it hurts both ways. Of course you had a lot of work and couldn’t get in time for the family movie. And yes, you got so lost in reading that book that you forgot to meet your parents and take them out for dinner. Of course that on the one holiday you got for the week, you decided to sleep and rest and not meet your friends.

We often see our side of the story and fail to see the other side of the story. The only thing you need to do here is to make up for that lost time.


Yes, you couldn’t make it in time for the movie. Make sure you make it for the next one soon.

Yes, you slept off the entire Sunday and didn’t meet your friends. Make sure you meet them soon.

Although the only thing that matters is your effort. If that effort takes long, then with time, there will be a distance between you guys. It’s tough to break that. It’s even more tough to take more effort to make it work.

For what it’s worth, don’t let it reach that stage. Take those actions soon. Many don’t have even 2-3 people around them asking about their well being. You have more. Don’t lose it.

Lastly, a special mention goes to those with parents. Give them time. Even if it’s a 1 minute call; do it everyday. You don’t know what’s in store for tomorrow. It doesn’t matter that you’re neck deep in work or too tired to move a muscle. Talk to them. It really matters to them.

The Never Ending Story Of A Pig, A Pony And A Frog – Part 3



Those 3 words have shaped our lives during MBA.

Like last year I sit in front of my desktop writing this post and wondering… “How the hell did we manage to keep this madness up and running?”

I still don’t have an answer so I’ll move ahead with the post.

So, it’s our horsy a.k.a Jessica’s birthday.

A Memory from last year’s epic birthday bash.

If I had to tell you guys how many names we have given her then one post might be a bit less for it.

But don’t worry horsy, we won’t divulge the names to anyone.

It’s your birthday na. So maaf kiya.


Do you remember those times we sat together for lectures? (Oh yeah, that one also where Piggy answered every time he got the chance… I still haven’t forgiven him for that.)

The never ending chats on stupid things which did not make sense?

Sometimes we only laughed… stopped… then laughed a little more!

And the picture moments were too much.

I look so obedient…

There was a time when my only purpose of coming to college would be to meet you guys. Yeah, really.

We connected very well. Like it was “meant to be” types. 😛

I can’t believe I actually wrote the above line.


My page… My words.

Anyways if I keep talking of our moments, even 1500 words would seem less and forgive me but I’m not going to write such a lengthy one again. 😛

So moving on ahead, our friendship has scaled a lot of heights. It has also witnessed a lot of lows too. But we’re still hanging in there. This bond won’t break that easy.

(Not until one of you literally move out to someplace where there is no steady internet connection)

I see some of our pictures together and damn there’s a bit of change in me and piggy.

But u our dear horsy have not changed a bit.

Before you could deny, here’s some proof… 😛


And now we are like this 😛


Honestly, the only thing people can see is your face.

Jokes apart, we have always had a good time when you’re around.

I can speak TV Shows with you all day long and you know it.

Time spent with you is always cherished by us.

The place doesn’t matter. Nor does anything else.

As long as we are together i doubt we’d need anything else.

(Too much emo in the above line nah?)

Anyways, your 2 favorite animals would like to end this small post by wishing you a happy birthday and wish that you get what you want. That you always smile and be the same. (Just meet us more often or we won’t talk to you haa)

Oh yea, btw piggy made a small video just for you which is waiting in your mail inbox.

It has some of our memories.

Do have a look. Don’t cry ha please!

We love you.

With Love,

Piggy and Froggy

Jess And Nick's Love

This is the story of Nick and Jess.

For 2 years their relation was a joy ride which just never stopped.

It kept getting better with every month.

Surprises, Gifts, Precious moments… they had it all.

Jess was a corporate junkie and Nick was a writer who published short stories.

Both made time for each other no matter what the situation.

Their level of understanding is what all their friends raved about.


But after 24 months of dating, one fine day Nick felt something was missing.

The feeling was of detachment.

Jess had got busy with her work schedule for the past few weeks and Nick felt they were growing apart.

The usual outings had stopped. The surprises diminished with each day.

They hardly spoke before going to bed which was their daily rule until few weeks back when both would tell each other how was their day, who annoyed them the most etc.

Also, the daily morning kiss before Jess left for work had been forgotten.


Now Nick knew he should understand as she has work and it helps pay bills too. But one part of him yearned for her attention, for those lost moments, for that spark which he knew had diminished.

So he kept quiet. He buried those emotions, the pent up frustration in him. Jess couldn’t see it as she had work on her mind. Weekends were days when they gave time to each other but now all it had become was “Jess’s sleeping day”

It all had reached to a point of no return. Nick finally couldn’t take it and confronted Jess about what he was feeling. She retorted back with statements which were practical. At that point Nick just didn’t want to be practical.

The argument escalated. They didn’t talk to each other much. Living with each other and not speaking much took their relationship to a new low.

Friends got wind of their situation at a party when they never sat together. The friction could be witnessed by any passerby. They spoke to both of them differently and explained how lucky they should be to have each other.

Jess heard what their friends had to say and yes she did agree that their relationship did have this low point. She did understand Nick’s attempts to make her happy. She also couldn’t remember when the last time they had dinner together was. Nick on the other hand felt he over reacted and thought he should have weighed the situation from her point of view.

Then the story unfolded like a typical romantic movie.

The party then moved into dance mode with slow numbers playing. All couples started grooving to the numbers. Nick and Jess were forced to dance together by their friends.

The minute they held each others hands, something happened.

There was a wave of emotions, passion, love which was overflowing with that first touch. It almost reminded them of the first time they danced with each other. The first time they looked each other in the eyes. Everything came back to them. They said sorry to each other. There were tears of joy, they hugged each other, kissed and finally smiled. All was forgotten.

Like I said, a typical romantic movie ending with the last line, “And they lived happily… till the next argument…!”

Parachute has also got this message through with their newly launched product “Parachute Advansed Body Lotion”. They too believe that just one touch is enough to reignite the lost spark in a relation.

They have got this message through with a video showing how Nimrat and Parambrata #BringBackTheTouch.


Why you must read "The Fault In Our Stars"

You believe in true love?
That kind of love which is unconditional.
Which has no boundaries.
All it does is entwining two hearts which beat as one.

The story of Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters is that type.

The love they share can be set as a benchmark for true love.

So what if they both met at cancer group?
So what if they both were terminally ill?
So what if both their lives were nothing less than a ticking time bomb?
So what if they fell in love?

Love can happen anywhere.
Love can happen to anyone.
Love is… waiting to be loved.

I don’ t want to divulge much of  the story here, and thus its my ardent request that you do read this whilst you have the opportunity.

Their story made me smile, made me ponder upon some thoughts and also got me welled up.

If you have ever loved somebody, this book belongs to you.

Out of all things i read, i just understood one thing.

Love, like your days are numbered, and that my dear friend will bring out the best in you.


Check out the synopsis on Good reads:

The Fault In Our Stars

Check out the trailer on Youtube:


Buy the book from Flipkart:

The Fault In Our Stars

About the Author:

John Green

If you’ve read the book, please do share with me your thoughts…

My Dear Precious – Part 3

My previous 2 posts were about a guy who had feelings for a girl, and he expressed them to her.
Below is the result of that expression.

Reality bites…Doesn’t it?
I remember you asking me to write 16 lines about you.
I managed 13.
But those came straight from my heart.
I felt I haven’t written anything better than that to date.
I named it “That’s the dream” as it isn’t a reality.
I have dreamt of all this lately.


You read it.
You didn’t comment.
But for me that was enough.
I haven’t asked you for an answer or to confess your feelings towards me, as I know the reality.
We have been through with this all the time.

You still like that guy.
You still are deeply madly crazily in love with him.
Even though you’ll aren’t together, you still think of him.
Sometimes I think how lucky he is to have someone like you crazy just for him.
I have to admit, I’m jealous too.
But we can’t’ have everything, can we dear?

So, I took a day just consumed in my thoughts, trying to make myself understand.
Every time I close the door on reality it comes in through the windows. ~Jennifer Yane
This quote touched me.

I won’t deny I got a bit selfish midway, thinking why you are waiting for him, when I am here.
I know he is the best according to you.
I know I may not match his skills, his talents.
I’m simple ya.
But not bad either.
But then, reality bites. And i understand what you feel.
The brain has done its work. But the heart… Oh. Wish it was easy.
I have reached that point in my life where I have realized that it’s worthless to keep your emotions or feelings pent up.
They torture no one apart from you.
So why don’t we spit it out?

I had something for you.
Maybe you will not approve of it.
You might say, it’s fake.
But that would really hurt me dear.
That was genuine.
What I had for you was the truth.
It will remain a distant dream now.
For I have accepted it.
I know you won’t be mine.

That wall you have kept between me and your heart is too strong to be broken.
If you are waiting for him, then I respect that.
I will step down. 🙁

I only have some words left to say to you.
My only request to you is, don’t let your past surround you so much, that it consumes your reality.
Then everything you see will be blurred.
If I say you must move on, that would be selfish of me, because I really want to be with you.
But your final words yesterday sealed it for me.
You said,
For me, the synonym for love is He” and he will always be the one.
So I accept it.
Maybe things happen for the very best.


I have also read that,
“If you love somebody, let them go. If they return, they were always yours. If they don’t, they never were.”

Lol, you know what I just happened to hum a song now.

It’s a Hindi one from the movie “Lootera”

The name is “Ankahee”

If you ever happen to stumble upon this post, do hear it.

You know what, now a list of songs has come in my head.
But I won’t post them here. Enough of sadness.

I think i’m turning insane.
Remembering many quotes, and sad songs.

I’m ending this post with a few words of my favorite artist Adele’s song “Someone like you”

This is goodbye.
My dear precious, I wish you get what you want.

Yours lovingly,