D is for Dontopedalogy – A to Z Challenge 2017

D is for Dontopedalogy which means putting one’s foot in one’s mouth.

First of all, has it ever happened that you’ve spoken something that sounds very embarrassing?

It’s possible you might have spoken with a good intention but the end result sounds bad!

Eg: Forgetting those important days in your dear one’s lives. Wishing someone on an altogether different day only!

Also, I’ve been there. I’m bad at remembering birthdays and anniversaries.

In addition to all this I have the knack of sometimes speaking the wrong thing at the wrong time which leads to a lot of embarrassment and fighting.

As a result, I always try my best to remember stuff!

What about you? Had any moment where shutting up was the best option but you didn’t?

That’s all for today!

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10 thoughts on “D is for Dontopedalogy – A to Z Challenge 2017”

    1. Hey Andrea, yes that indeed is true! I kind of like searching for such words! Stay tuned for more! Cheers.

    1. Hahahha, don’t worry my friend. I’m no saint either! I’ll try my best but to not forget from now…. People have been losing patience a lot more in the 21st century!

    1. Hey there, Yes before this challenge begun I never heard of it too. But that’s the fun right? Learning new things! 😛

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