Canvas Painting – Sky Watch Friday

Canvas Painting is an art loved by many. But do you know which one’s the best portrait ever?

It’s none other than our beloved Sky. Whenever I step out to work or for a run, I will see different shades, shapes and the canvas painting looks like an abstract.

Sky pictures and cloud photography is something that few people love. I am a few people. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, I will use my smartphone pointing towards the sky.

On one such day, I left home for the office and started wondering what image will I use for this week’s Sky Watch Friday theme.

While no idea arrived and a whole day of work was completed, it was around 18.30 pm and I looked up to see the Sky. It looked like a canvas painting waiting for the colors to find their places. 

I was struck in awe and had to capture this beauty of an image. So as usual I did what I do best and clicked a picture of the sky.

Canvas Painting of the Sky

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