How to create wealth in India

How to create wealth in India within 15 years

Imagine this – You and your friend are celebrating 30 years of friendship. Both of you are retired, children working abroad, and you’re living your retirement days.

You are disappointed today as your child hasn’t sent you money for this month but your friend is happy. You get shocked to know that he hasn’t asked for money from his child.

Do you know why he doesn’t need to do that?

It’s because your friend started creating wealth at an early age and hence is in a position today where he is enjoying his retirement.

This is the story of many parents who spent everything to educate kids, get them settled, but now have no savings. Hence every month they have to ask their children for money. No parent likes that.

Hence I came up with a solution where you’ll understand “How to create wealth in India within 15 years”.

But before that let’s understand what the meaning of wealth is?

Wealth in simple words is a lot of money, property, and other assets that a person owns. Yes, the total value of all assets that you own (property, savings, and investments) minus all debts will tell you how much wealth you have.

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Why is wealth creation important?

Wealth creation is a long process and the more time you give, the better it is for you. Investing for 3 years can give you a decent amount but investing for 10-20 years will amplify your savings to a point that you will be self-sufficient.

Also, with each year, expenses are increasing at a faster pace than income earned. If you don’t have an investment plan for your life after retirement, then it will get difficult. Also, the cost of raising children in a country like India is increasing as education expenses have taken a steady hike.

Hence, wealth creation not only helps you be ready for life after retirement but also allows you to retire early.

How to create wealth from nothing?

Yes, you’ve read it right. You can start with as little as 100 rupees too. Here are some investments where you can start your wealth creation plan.

1) SIP’s in mutual funds that will let you grow your income at a risk free pace.

2) Stock market equity funds that are riskier but can provide higher returns.

3) NPS – National pension scheme that allows you to invest until your retirement age of 60 and then get a lump sum amount with interest.

4) PPF – Public provident fund which is risk-free, gives higher interest than fixed deposits and can be kept up to 15 years.

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There are many more avenues of investments like cryptocurrency, property investments, Debt funds, and many more. You can try them out too.

Overall, I added investments that have time and again delivered the best of results and returns. So you can check any of these options and invest accordingly.

Through this you will finally understand “How to create wealth in India within 15 years.

Invest for long term

How to Invest for Long Term and accumulate wealth in 10-15 years

Retirement age in India is somewhere between 58 and 65. While this is the ideal age, people today are looking to retire early before 50 so they can chill and enjoy their life. The only way one can do so is with a huge retirement fund.

Do you want to know how you can create the best retirement investment plan? Well, you’ve come to the right place as I will give you the 3 best invest options in India.

With these, you can invest for long term and accumulate wealth within 10-15 years.

Now, I know how difficult it is to save money in today’s time. But it’s equally important to invest today if you want a better tomorrow. You can

  • Invest in Gold
  • Invest in real estate
  • Invest in mutual funds
  • Invest in stock market
  • Invest in NPS
  • Invest in equity
  • Invest in PPF, etc.

While there are so many options to choose from, I will make it simple for you with 3 options that I feel will work wonders to accumulate your wealth.

1. Invest in PPF:

Public Provident Fund is one of the oldest options in this list. People turn to this to invest for the long term up to 15 years. With an interest rate that has always been above 7% and the power of compounding, you can accumulate a lot of wealth.

Situation 1 – If you invest 75,000 per year for 15 years @ 7.1% interest,

Your Total investment amount – 11,25,000

Total Interest amount – 9,09,105

PPF amount after 15 years – 20,34,105

Situation 2 – Also, if you invest 1,50,000 per year for 15 years @ 7.1% interest,

Total investment amount – 22,50,000

Total Interest amount – 18,18,209

Your PPF amount after 15 years – 40,68,209

Hence you can save anywhere between 20 and 40 lakhs for your retirement within 15 years. So start planning! P.S – I have considered only 7.1% as the overall interest rate but PPF rates are revised every now and then. So you can expect a hike in the rates too.

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2. Invest in NPS:

NPS also called the National Pension System is an initiative by the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA).

Also known as the longest form of investment, you can invest in this until your retirement age of 60. However, the current rate of interest ranges between 9 to 12%*.

Situation 1 – If your current age is 30 and the retirement age is 60, this means you can invest in NPS for 30 years. If you invest 75,000 per year for 30 years @ 9% interest,

Your Total investment amount – 22.5 lakhs

Total Interest amount – 88.93 lakhs

Total retirement amount – 1 crore 11 lakhs

Situation 2 – Also, if your current age is 30 and the retirement age is 60, this means you can invest in NPS for 30 years. If you invest 1,50,000 per year for 30 years @ 9% interest,

Your Total invested amount – 45 lakhs

Overall Interest amount – 1 crore 78 lakhs

Finally, Total retirement amount – 2 crores 23 lakhs

However, There is another way you can use NPS. If you wish to get 1 crore rupees in your account at your retirement age of 60, you can calculate that too.

Investment goal at 60 years – 1 crore

Your current age – 30

How much will I need to invest every year – 67,306

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3. Invest in Mutual Funds:

Also, an option that needs no introduction, Mutual funds have proven to be one of the best investments. Using SIP, you can invest directly in mutual funds and witness the power of compounding.

Situation 1 – If you invest 75,000 per year for 15 years @ 9% interest,

Your Total investment amount – 11,25,000

Overall Interest amount – 12,57,774

Finally, Total PPF amount after 15 years – 23,82,774

Situation 2 – However, If you invest 1,50,000 per year for 15 years @ 9% interest,

Your Total investment amount – 22,50,000

Total Interest amount – 25,15,548

Finally, Total PPF amount after 15 years – 47,65,548

Consolation options – Also, There are other investment options like Real Estate, Gold, and Stock Market. You can opt for these too.

In conclusion, If you can understand how much retirement money you need, planning for retirement will become easier. I hope this post helps you invest for long term and plan for a better future.

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You can repay your home loan until you are 75 years old in India

Repay Home Loan Until You Are 75 Years Old!

A home loan is a long commitment. For some, it is a relationship that lasts more than their marriage too. 

Funny as it sounds; home loans in India are a serious affair that requires a lot of effort from you in order to ensure that you stay happy. These loans can be paid in different tenure options and until you reach the age of retirement.

These numbers are decided by the Bank/NBFC that deals with providing the best home loans to you. Generally in banking terms, minimum loan tenures range from 15 years and the maximum tenure would be of 30 years. On average, the retirement age is 60.

What is Home Loan Tenure?

Loan tenure is the period you get in order to repay the home loan amount back to the Bank/NBFC. This tenure is decided firsthand before your loan application is approved.

Which is better? Long home loan tenure or short tenure?

Loan tenure depends on a variety of factors of which the topmost is your loan eligibility. What tenure suits you best also depends upon your income level and how much money you can dedicate to repaying the loan amount. You can use a home loan calculator and check if the reduction in tenure is required or no.

Can we change home loan tenure?

Yes. If there are situations where you are not able to repay back the loan EMI on time due to budget constraints, then you can discuss with the bank regarding the possibility of increasing your home loan tenure. If the Bank/NBFC approves, then your loan tenure can be increased, and accordingly, your loan EMI amount will reduce.

How Can I Repay Home Loans until I’m 75 years old?

Usually, Banks allow maximum home loan tenure of 30 years to customers. In rare cases like the Oriental Bank of Commerce, you can also get loan tenure of 40 years. Now, LIC Housing Finance (LICHF) has partnered with India Mortgage Guarantee Corporation (IMCG) and they offer a special loan scheme that allows the customer to repay the home loan until they reach the age of 75.

Here’s an example to help you understand how Home loan tenures work;

Mr. ABC who is 30 years old gets a home loan worth 40 lakhs at 8.5% interest for the tenure of 15 years. Here we will show how much monthly EMI he will pay if the loan tenure kept increasing;

Monthly EMI:

15 years = 39390

20 years = 34713

25 years = 32209

30 years = 30757

35 years = 29874

40 years = 29324

45 years = 28974

So you can see that earlier Mr.ABC would only get maximum loan tenure of 30 years which would help him repay the monthly EMI of 30,757 rupees by the time he reaches the retirement age of 60.

Now with this scheme, he can repay the monthly EMI of 28974 rupees by the time he reaches the age of 75. That’s almost saving 2000 rupees per month.

Overall, a scheme as such does help you, in the long run, to manage your finances and repay a home loan with ease. Be a reliable customer, pay your bills on time, maintain a good credit score and all this will help you get your dream of owning a home turn into reality.

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