Camera Critters ~ I Wanna Travel Too ~

One fine day whilst taking a walk, I happened to see a lone goat near an auto-rickshaw.

I don’t know what it was thinking, but it sure didn’t think twice and hopped in.

It must have wanted to know how comfortable humans find it.

My answer?

It sat there for a good 10 minutes which means good times post which the driver returned and freaked out the poor thing.

The whole scenario was hilarious and I’m happy to share this with you guys.


2014-07-24 11.25.05

Have you ever witnessed such funny incidents?

Share with me your thoughts.

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Camera Critters ~ Rainy Season Visitors ~

This week i have 3 pictures to share with you guys with respect to this rainy weather.


1) We had a visitor at home in Mangalore. Guess who ?

2013-07-24 10.33.19


During the rainy seasons, centipedes and millipedes are the most regular visitors at your home.

2) I Followed It:

2013-07-24 10.33.13

That’s the best thing i could do. Wanted to see where this little creature would wander.

3) The Last Touch:

2013-07-24 10.32.19

Tell me you haven’t done this even once.

Because i love doing this.

Watching it curl itself for protection, and then few moments later they open up to continue their quest.

So, have you ever encountered centipedes? What do you think about these little things?

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Camera Critters – What ya lookin at?


Location – Shrivardhan, India


We got a visit from this little thing, and while i was clicking, the only caption i could come up was the way it looked at me and said,

“What ya looking at mate? Never seen one before, have you?”

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