B is for Blandiloquence and Baisemain

B is for Blandiloquence which means complimentary speech; flattery

Now who doesn’t like flattery?

I do. At least sometimes!

We like to hear good things, appreciation, anything positive about ourselves. Many of us like it when our near and dear ones flatter us with their words, deeds, etc.

Even though it might be for a selfish reason/task which they need to fulfill still we don’t mind. That’s that.

But flattery from everyone should be very cautiously understood. You don’t know what hidden agenda is behind the person complimenting you. It’s kind of not possible to track everything that happens in our life, I agree.

But in due course, we do know what the other person hints at when there’s a compliment.

Not everything is bad, nor good.

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Sometimes we fall into flattery so much that we start believing anything and everything that person has to say about us. From good to bad, we believe blindly.

This is harmful as you are bound to change your reactions towards the ones you love someday. You might say things, do things which others wouldn’t like.

All of this is something which keeps happening nowadays thus they say choose your friends and well-wishers wisely as not everything they tell about you is true.

Be with people who tell you that you’re wrong & that you’re not doing things correctly.

It’s good to be among people that make you realize what mistakes you make, that you don’t look good in that dress, that you’re fat and that he or she is not into you!

These are the people that matter! Not the ones who choose Blandiloquence.

For the second word, I have no reason whatsoever as to why I chose this. It’s just too funny and I thought why not share it with you guys.

B is for Baisemain which means kiss on the hand.

Oh yeah, now there’s also a term for that too which I absolutely never heard of.

Funny isn’t it?

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Co-incidentally, there is a store named as Baisemain on Glenferrie, Hawthorn in Australia!

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22 thoughts on “B is for Blandiloquence and Baisemain”

  1. Learned new words today, Blandliloquence and baisemain..it’s very true about flattery. A genuine compliment makes our today but sometimes done with ulterior motive. We must stay grounded.

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