A is for Aboulia and Abscission

A is for Aboulia & Abscission that's the first post for the A to Z Challenge

I’m so happy to begin this year’s A-Z challenge.
This challenge has given me a lot of exposure and learning in this huge world of blogging.
So a big thank you to this challenge.

For this year’s challenge, I’ll be writing 2 words per letter!
Oh yes, double trouble.
So without any delay, here’s my first entry for this challenge;

A is for Aboulia which means loss of ability to make decisions.

Aboulia is the difficulty people find in making decisions
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Often at some point in life, taking decisions either get too easy or sometimes too tough. (Aboulia)
Now I’m not speaking in general terms. Sometimes if you keep a situation, once it’s easy for you to decide and once it’s not.
This happens due to the mind which is either troubled or lazy.
Unless the mind is clear, even simpler tasks look quite impossible to finish.

So your first emphasis must always be to clear the Aboulia that worries you.
Once that’s clear, everything looks simple.
Like they say, a calm mind can solve complex problems but a troubled soul cannot do the same.

This brings me to the next word i.e.

A is for Abscission which means cutting off; cutting away.

Whenever we are hurt, there are many ways in which we choose to react.
Sometimes we choose to cut off from the world.
Maybe that’s what we think is right at that moment.

But is it?

Cutting off means there’s no communication whatsoever with anyone.
That means your tiny mind will focus a 100% on the thing that’s bothering you.
That will in turn hurt you even more than before.

Thus change your approach; choose a few whom you can talk to at these moments.
It helps a lot. Sometimes you get a friend who just listens, sometimes a partner who will give you a third man’s view of the situation etc.

Cutting away ties is also what’s trending now a lot. It’s said that as we grow, our friends circle decrease. Do you agree?
I don’t want to, but as years have passed, I have made new friends but have failed to be close to friends I knew for a long time.

Have you gone through a similar thing? Or am I the odd one out?

Do let me know!

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26 thoughts to “A is for Aboulia and Abscission”

  1. Aboulia: When too much “stimulus” comes at me – too much stress, or simply too many choices, I freeze. Then, I don’t make any decision. But choosing to NOT make a decision IS a decision in and of itself; and sometimes choosing a bad decision is better than not choosing at all.

    Abscission: Oh boy when that stress comes, I run right into my bedroom and read. No TV, no music, hubby please watch the kids….and it’s hurtful to myself and everyone near me.

    Yep, I guess we’re human after all 🙂

    Sue Hernandez
    WordPress Blogs: writing and A to Z Challenge

    1. Choosing something rather than nothing is wise but not everytime. Also what you do when you’re stressed is good. Cutting off is good for a while but it affects many around you.
      Thank you so much for stopping by and giving me your insights on these words. Happy AtoZ

      1. Right you are! No two situations are alike! And I agree, I certainly like to be able to “run away and get some Sue time” reading and writing, but not to the extent that I don’t even say “hi” or “good night” to either of my kids :-). Which I’m trying hard not to do any more!

  2. yeh… had promised myself, i wouldnt read any blogger till i put up my own for the day… but read yours. Great , the challenge has begun. I made more friends as i grew older and real deep friendships. In general, i feel the friends scene has radically improved for me as i got older and more comfortable with myself,

    1. Aww.. That’s sweet of you to read. And I’m happy that you have had deep friendships. Nowadays it takes years to strengthen a bond and just a few moments to cut them loose. Thanks for stopping by! Happy AtoZ!

  3. I too find that moving up in life brings about a loss. You are not always able to keep the same friends because you change and the new demands that you’re facing brings you into a different circle. However, I have also found out that there are some friends that remain with you throughout your whole life. Those are true friends.
    Patricia @ EverythingMustChange

    1. Ahaa, that’s what i was expecting from at least one person! I know there are many we lose, but there are few who stick around and they’re the gems we’ve earned.Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

    1. Hey Mish, hehe I’m glad you liked both the words. Our experiences are what we take with us everywhere! Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for the remaining words.

    1. Hey Cheryl, I’m glad to have been of any help. I like learning new words too and hence I’ll be using such weird words to better my knowledge too! Thanks for stopping by.

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