B is for Barbigerous – AtoZ Challenge 2017

B is for Barbigerous which means bearing a beard.

Out of all the possible choices, this one hit me out cold.

So yes, I had to choose this word. Why you may ask?

Simple. I used to like keeping and maintaining my beard!

It felt good. Majority of the crowd liked the outcome.

It obviously takes a lot of patience and grooming to get it right but yes it is worth every single ounce of effort.

I always see few images where the quotes say “Be with a guy who has the patience to grow a beard”.

I did that for almost 4 months.

Here’s the result.

I went from this;

To this…

So, what do you think?

Which look suits me more?

The one with the clean face or the one with the beard?

That’s all for today!

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