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Lost Growth = Success Delayed

Growth is a word that defines a lot of things in our lives today. The same goes for success delayed. Whether it’s in matters of work, growing up as a child or in performance related to sports/any other activity, etc. That’s how we measure if we’re getting better or we need to improve.

For today’s post, I’d like to highlight more about the matters related to children.

It’s important for children in their early ages to eat properly and for the parents to make sure that their kids get the necessary nutrients needed for the kid to grow and improve with age. The food we eat, the habits we get used to are the ones that stick with us like glue. If we eat junk food all the time minus the veggies and the correct amount of protein, make sure to be ready to shell a good amount for medicines, illness, and doctor visits.

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I can say this clearly as I have had a lot of junk food and that got me in trouble a lot more than it gave me happiness. Obese was a word that was much suitable for me. I weighed almost over 90 kilos when at the age of 15. You can only imagine what kind of appetite I had. I regularly felt ill and was always hungry.

It was only until about of jaundice and a bit of self-actualization that I’ve managed to stay fit and I vouch to do so. The only regret I have is of not listening to my mother when she had always asked me to never skip on my veggies and every other healthy food that she would cook for me. (I so wish I could go back in time and knock some sense into that kid)

Times have now changed. In this modern world, we reside in, food has been growing in terms of variety. The same could not be spoken about a decade back. Junk food is something that we all love i.e. almost like a guilty pleasure. The options are such that people with love for food will go crazy everyday eating something new.

But there’s a hike in the “healthy food habits” department too. For a few years, people have given more importance to what they eat and how to stay fit. They have also started to make sure they can imbibe those same qualities for their children.

If we teach them what kind of food is good for them and the nutrition they need then not only will their habits food improve but also will their growth gets better with time.

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A kid with good eating habits and physical activity (sports, exercise) will grow into a fit person whose abilities shall definitely get better with time. The modernization with regards to the digital world has made our kids choose digital games/social apps rather than playing or exercising and that’s a harsh truth. This will have a negative impact on their health.

The growth potential that they lose will be definitely tough to catch up on but not impossible to achieve success delayed. With a good diet and a good exercise/playing regime, everything can get back to normal. You must check out for various ways to make sure that your kid gets the necessary nutrients. This is for him\her to grow into that beautiful person you’ve ever dreamed to turn them into.

There is a variety of food available today along-with customization in food recipes. You can make sure to feed your child something tasty without them making a fuss. Check what Horlicks think about catching up on your child’s lost growth too.

I hope that sets in some ideas. A fit person will set an example for many and that’s what is the need of the hour. Let’s make sure our kids don’t fall into the vicious trap of not growing and fighting to be healthy. Let them grow in peace and succeed as time passes by!

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Hence you must remember that no hard work means success delayed!

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Here are my past posts for the A to Z Challenge from the year 2015 to 2020. I hope you like the content!

Honey Diet

A balanced healthy diet.
Sounds good but is tough to conquer and even tougher to maintain. People who swore by their diet have had wonders in the results. The rest know what happens when you don’t maintain a diet.
You can ask me that question.
I am of the opinion that a diet is indeed very important. Majority keep more emphasis on the exercise and gym aspects. But in reality that’ll only work when you maintain a proper diet. If you exercise during the day and gorge on food in the evening, it might nullify or worse, might lead to weight increase.
A crash diet is one of the worst options possible. You maintain a diet for a while, let go of oily food, chocolates etc. and in the process lose weight, maybe even your appetite. What you don’t realise is that so many compromises in the diet affects the nutrition. Our body needs a minimum requirement of nutrients. If all of a sudden you don’t provide it to your body, it will have adverse effects.
Also a crash diet might give you the result you crave for in limited time. But it will remain limited only. Once you start eating again, you’ll come back to your original shape even quicker than how you lost it. Thus it’s important to keep track of your diet.
With that, I want to share my experience last year when I started swimming and started maintaining a diet.

30 minutes of exercise in the morning, swimming in the evening was what I did for almost 6 months. But that was not all. I also limited myself to a diet which I believe played a vital role in keeping myself fit.
I am a foodie. I can eat anytime. Junk food is in my blood. Parting ways with it was like me going to a rehab centre. It was tough but yes I did get past that hurdle.
I knew I cannot let go of a lot of food items in my diet, so I played it safe. I ate, but at proper intervals and ate healthy. Here’s an example.
7.30am-8.00am – Exercise
Around 8.45am – Breakfast (with 1 glass of warm water with Dabur Honey)
11am – A fruit (maybe a banana/apple etc.)
1pm – Lunch (2-3 chapatis with vegetables/chicken)
3.30pm – A fruit again
5pm – Tea with a few biscuits
6pm-7pm – Swimming
8.00pm – A fruit again
9.30pm – Dinner (same as lunch)
As you can see, I did make sure to eat something at proper intervals. Also keeping honey in my diet helped. As we all know a glass of honey with warm water in the morning is known for its help in weight management.

Keeping a Honey diet is advisable for starters when all we want to manage is our ever increasing weight.
The times between breakfast –lunch, lunch –tea and tea- dinner are stages where we feel a bit hungry. Here is when our loyalty is tested the most. We end up eating something that we like not realising the impact it can have on our system.
I had seen a huge impact after 3 months of maintaining such a diet. I lost a considerate amount of weight. The confidence in me kept rising up. I had a zing about exercising. No laziness. No health issues. I felt fit as ever.
After 3 months, I did continue my diet, but tweaked it a bit with keeping one day for my sinful delights. I would have a chocolate or gorge on some street food just once a week.
There was not much of an impact there. So it’s tried and tested by me. People around me will tell you how much of a change they saw in me. My mother itself was worried as to why I was losing so much weight.
Jokes apart, keeping a balanced diet is important in today’s time. Or else we youngsters will get ill more frequently and get affected by illness which we must be getting after crossing 45-50 years of age.
So eat healthy, eat at proper intervals, exercise too and yes you will see an impact.
Have a nice day.