C is for Catarolysis – A to Z Challenge 2017

C is for Catarolysis which means letting off steam by cursing.

Either with good reason or not, time and time again we do like to let off steam by either breaking things, hurting oneself, hurling things, or cursing!

Usually, I am the kind of person who reacts quickly and curses (Catarolysis) rather than analyzing the situation.

That has not fared well with me and with the ending of that situation.

In the end, I do let off steam by cursing someone but that gives me a feeling of guilt.

Guilt because in my mind I then have analyzed how easily I could have tackled that moment rather than cursing.

Then I go back to reimagining how good it would be if I would do the right thing.

Also, has it ever happened with you that you’re angry about something or someone?

The anger has built up so much and it gets fired on the wrong person at the wrong time.

By the time you realize what has happened, someone is hurt!

What do you do post that?

I feel it is important to not only curse but also apologize to the other person. Venting off your anger might be frustrating during the Lockdown and social distancing but that doesn’t give us the right to remove out our frustrations on others.

That’s all for today!

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