wedding cake designs

C is for Cake – A to Z Challenge 2021

Did you check the wedding cake designs?

While I have been to 50+ catholic weddings by now, I never knew a lot of focus was also on the cake.

I always thought the wedding cake is just a huge white cake to show off! It was something that would then either be distributed among the crowd or not.

Once a friend was getting married and that’s when she asked me this question. I was surprised and could only reply – Designs? I then was enlightened with multiple designs.

There are talented folks who design these special cakes. No, not just your traditional wedding cake in white. You can choose the flavor, the pattern, and whatnot.

I once attended a marriage where every layer of the cake had specific cupcakes. It was phenomenal.

wedding cake designs

While planning the wedding budget, it’s best to decide how lavish you want your cake to be. The wedding cake price can go upwards of 10,000 INR depending on your requirements.

There are many vendors on Instagram who will share wedding cakes pictures and prices. You can also find out through people in your community for recommendations. Word of mouth advertising is still a thing!

What are my thoughts on the wedding cake?

For most catholic weddings, the cake is pretty important. I believe it’s best you decide what happens to the cake and then invest in it. If it’s just for show-off and you’re not going to devour it yourselves, go for a small-budget cake!

However, if you or your family are going to finish it off, then it wouldn’t do any harm for you to invest in it. Remember my friend who added cupcakes to each layer of the cake? They took 2-3 days, but completed it themselves! See the love for cake!

What do you think about the importance of a wedding cake? Would you invest a lot in it?

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12 thoughts to “C is for Cake – A to Z Challenge 2021”

  1. Are you only writing on cakes this year? I haven’t been to too many catholic weddings ( only three so far) but since wedding cakes have now become popular at all modern weddings, design plays a very important part….

  2. Hey Lancelot. Thank you for visiting my blog yesterday. I like to eat carrot and walnut cake for sure. We didn’t have a cake at our wedding as it was a Hindu affair.
    I’d like to know how the tradition of cake came about.

    1. You’re welcome Arti. While there’s no correct history I’m aware of, I’m glad cakes are a part of the weddings!!

  3. I think wedding cakes are great, especially when shared with everyone! There are some amazing designs out there; it’s a pity to see them get cut into!

    1. Hey Varsh, they partially just cut it. Cutting the whole thing would end in a disaster for sure!

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