R is for Renascent – A to Z Challenge 2019

Today is Holy Saturday and it’s almost time for Easter to arrive. We Catholics believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead to a new life. Keeping this in mind, I chose the word for the day to be “Renascent” which means to get a renewed life.

My story today deals with a bully in school named Judas. He has always loved making fun of kids who can’t defend themselves. Judas is notorious for what he does and his parents are tired of complaints coming from school almost on a daily basis.

His grades are not improving, nor are his skills. He can’t have a decent conversation with anyone. Day by day he is getting worse and there is no one who can explain what it means to have friends and people that love you.

Judas, on the other hand, finds everything as fun. One fine day he is walking around the neighborhood and finds a dog who is hungry and looking for food.

Judas looking at such an opportunity plots something twisted.

He gets home and finds for the rat poison that they keep in the kitchen. There’s a leftover sandwich on the table too. Judas smirks and fills some poison on the sandwich. He goes ahead and feeds the dog who looks so happy. He eats the whole thing and licks Judas’ feet showing him his gratitude.

Judas felt different but smiled thinking of the outcome. A few moments later, a cop arrives at Judas’ house. His parents get scared thinking about what did their son do now. The cop explains how someone saw Judas feed a dog something.

The dog collapsed and was now being treated by a vet.

His parents were heartbroken. Their son was turning into something which they couldn’t handle. They asked the cop for help. The cop had something in mind. He took Judas along to the vet. The vet spoke to the cop;

Vet – Sir, there is nothing we can do anymore. She’ll be gone soon.

Cop – God. That’s so bad. Can we see that poor animal?

Vet – Sure, you can visit. She does have a few moments of life remaining in her.

Cop – Judas, come let’s visit that dog. She’s going to die so I want you to go and tell her “Sorry”.

Judas – Seriously? I’ll tell a dog who can’t understand my language sorry? Fine. If that’s what will make me reach home quickly. Let’s do this.

Judas walks over to where the dog lay. She looks at Judas and with whatever energy she has remaining, wags her tail and tries to say something.

Judas instinctively keeps his palm near her face. She licks his hand again.

That moment changed everything for Judas. He went blank. It was a moment of Renascent.

Judas – How can she be so happy? I just gave her poison. I hurt her. She is dying. Why?

There were so many questions and a puzzled Judas knew nothing. The cop then intervened.

Cop – Son, did you see what just happened? The dog is showing her gratitude to you because you fed her. She doesn’t know it had poison. All she remembers is that at her worst situation when she had no one and was dying of hunger, you came to her and became her angel.

Judas – But I’m the one who poisoned her. How can she be grateful.

Cop – Like you said, “She can’t understand your language. She can only understand the language of love”. You gave her love when she needed the most.  She appreciates it.

The dog then passed away in peace. Judas saw that and cried. He cried the entire day and there was nothing that his parents could do which could stop the sobbing. This is because his heart was hurting. He understood what just happened.

One day passed with him being locked up in his room. The parents gave him some time to mourn.

The next day in the morning, Judas woke up, made his own bed, had his breakfast and went to school.

He did not bully anyone anymore. It was a moment of Renascent. He studied and came back home. This went on for a few days. The parents began to wonder how could their boy be so silent. They asked the same cop for help. He smiled and said, “I have just the right thing for Judas”.

The cop came home and gave a small wrapped box to Judas.

“Open it,” he said.

Judas unwrapped the box to find a small puppy looking scared.

He burst in tears looking at the puppy. He looked at the cop.

Cop – I found this one who has no home and is looking for an elder brother. Would you like this little one to be yours?

Judas found new life and love that day (Renascent). He held the quivering puppy, hugged it and said, “You are alright. I will take care of you. I love you”.

This post is written as part of the annual A to Z Challenge where for each day of April (except Sundays) I shall write a post based on the part of the letter of 26 alphabets. Today’s word choice was Renascent. 

I have been participating in this challenge since 2015. To read more of my posts from the A to Z Challenge

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