The Never Ending Story Of A Pig, A Pony And A Frog – Part 1

You might be thinking, this is going to be something like a story in a forest.

Let me tell you.

This is even better than that.

There are 3 friends in this story.


Let me introduce you to the characters of my story.

The “Animal Planet” cast includes of


The Pig – Brendon  IMG-20140424-WA0022


The Pony – Jessica  IMG-20140424-WA0020

& last but not the least,


The Frog – Lance  1525445_10203516271849114_1814428770821329797_n


Funny isn’t it?


We 3 have been pursuing an MBA course & happened to be in one class.


There is a certain history about these names.

It took place about a year ago when three friends had a usual chat about every possible rubbish thought a college going group can have.

That day was no less, with Brendon & Jessica as usual, arguing & hurling unusual names to each other. By then I had been used to it.

images That’s me in the middle 😛

They gave each other animal names, with weird logic.

We called Jessica “our horsy” but I will modify that to “our pony” due to her size, she wouldn’t pull it off as a horse. (I know our pony after reading this will be pissed at me 😛 )

Jessica called Brendon “the Pig” for reasons I don’t know, or I have forgotten.

Must be the nose I guess.

Then I made a huge mistake.

It is truly said that when two people are arguing or making fun of each other, do not enter, do not even think of participating in that event.

In the end, it will be your loss.

I realized this very late indeed.

As I looked at these two giving each other animal names, I laughed and got myself vulnerable to an attack.

They both looked at me, and said

“What is he laughing so much for?

Let’s give him a name too.”

& that my friend is the story of how I got the name. “The Frog” :/

(The above line reminded me of how Ted speaks from HIMYM)


Anyways, there have been many such funny incidents, laughs and weird laughs, name giving ceremony, more laughs and arguments ending in laughter, and last but not the least, the photo sessions!

We have gone from this,


To this,


I have thoroughly enjoyed most of our photo sessions but it ends up usually in one pose.

The Pig – The Pony – The Frog.

That’s how we pose.

In middle of us, the pony looks sandwiched, asking for some breathing space.

We don’t care much either. We just go ahead with smiling.


There is 1 instance I would like to showcase in this post.

It took place in a classroom lecture on entrepreneurship management in the 2nd semester.

There was this teacher who had a habit of asking too many questions.

So assume if you happen to answer it, then the people sitting next to you will have to answer and continue the chain until she is satisfied with an answer.

We 3 had developed a good bond, & it was in those early stages of friendship when we all like to hang out with each other inside the class, outside, everywhere!

We 3 sat together on that unfortunate day.

We 3 could never pay attention in class if sitting next to each other.

Constant chattering, jokes which others wouldn’t understand, & laughs.

We could do all this throughout the day.


Now the pig, usually doesn’t answer anytime during the entire semester.

The pony & the frog too don’t answer much.

But the pig had devious plans.

The professor kept asking questions.

He just kept giving an answer.

That meant the pony, and the frog had to answer too as they sat right beside him.

We hardly had heard the question since we ain’t paying attention, but the pig just kept answering.

It came to a point when I actually had to abuse him in order to stop.

What a guy!

We all had a laugh over it.

I just didn’t let him answer, but he still managed.

That was the day when I guess the pig had fulfilled his entire quota of answering for the 2 year course.


Whenever I remember of that moment, I just wish that time to rewind.

We don’t get that much time to spend with each other as our final exams have arrived.

We sometimes chat on our special group chat which has the group initials filled with 3 emoticons i.e. of a pig, a pony & a frog.

Over a period of time, some people become a close part of you. These 2 are the ones for me.


I don’t know how long will this weird/special friendship would go ahead, but I’ll cherish every moment I get with these two.

This post is for my terrific duo i.e. Jessica & Brendon.



Let’s hope I’m not beaten up for what all I just wrote and the above picture  😛


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