Game week 36 : 3 Destructive Player Combinations

It’s all up to Liverpool to wrap up a historic return to being champions.
In 3 weeks from now, they will have the crown they have waited for over 20+ years.
Chelsea on the other hand, has made it clear that their emphasis is on the champions league match this coming week.
So the match against Liverpool will witness unseen players in the entire season.
Manchester City are back to winning ways, and the prolific return of their striker, Sergio Aguero has been what they had missed. They will be fighting for the 2nd spot.
As far as the premier league is considered, the fight for the champions’ league spots is getting hotter by the minute.
With Arsenal and Everton battling it out for the last spot of the coveted UEFA champions league for the next year, be sure to have an entertaining Game week 38.
Manchester United has got a new interim boss i.e. their legend, Ryan Giggs.
With 3 home games remaining for United, let’s see how Ryan can motivate the lads to give the fans a good season ending.
All of this is happening right now.
Let’s see how things shape up in the coming weeks.

There are 3 player combinations that have been unnoticed for quite some time, but at the end of the season have been the table turners for their team.

  1)      Aaron Ramsey and Lukas Podolski:

Since his return, Arsenal who dropped from 1st to 5th in nearly a month, has regained its zing.
They now are on 4thspot, and from where I see it, Ramsey is all Arsenal needs, to keep that champions league spot.
Goals and Assists are not what matters, as this lad is instrumental in play making, and orchestrating the attacks.
About Podolski, well the German, has been playing quite some good football recently, and the partnership with Ramsey will reap a lot of benefits for the Gunners.

2)      Christian Eriksen & Harry Kane:
Eriksen has turned the tables time and time again with his delivery and if you’ll have witnessed the last match, Eriksen gave us that proof too.
He gave two marvelous set piece conversions with the goal scorers who only had to tap in.
Such is his skill that his assisting ability makes the task easy for the goal scorer to finish.
Kane on the other hand has been out for a long time.
Since his return he has looked a bit rusty, but still has managed to score a goal a game.
That is good news for the Spurs who need to gain maximum points from this season.


3)      Raheem Sterling and Luis Suarez:
We all know how Sterling has been playing since the last 3-5 weeks.
The acceleration he has provided Liverpool with has given nightmares to the other teams.
With him and Suarez combining for goals and more goals, Liverpool’s task of winning this league with a margin and also scoring 100 goals in a season looks poised to be broken.
Also we don’t need to speak about Suarez.
He is definitely the player of the season and his standout performance has given Liverpool what they desire the most.

Let’s see how these 3 combinations affect this week’s results.
Please comment and let me know your thoughts too.

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