James Patterson – Kiss the Girls Book Review

Kiss the Girls by James Patterson is my first James Patterson books, and I must say, what a storyline! It indeed is Truly magnificent. Here’s my honest and unbiased Book review. 

I’ve read some other James Patterson books too that have been made into movies, which I’ll review later. Mostly, in all of James Patterson’s books list, he portrays the killers as classy, elegant, full of different fetishes, and freakishly smart. In this book too, there are two killers whose names are “Casanova” & “The Gentleman”.

Both have their style of killing, preferences of girls, etc. The hero of this book and series happens to be the super detective “Alex Cross”. There are more than 20+ books in this series.

Alex Cross is a man of precision. He has a past but lives for his family and would die for his country. His work instincts help him get a pattern that can solve cases from outside the box thinking. The rest of the story is just too good to be true.

There is drama, planning, execution and a lot of mystery in Kiss the Girls. Hence if you are expecting a Murder mystery book, then “Kiss the Girls” is the one you must read.

In most of the Alex Cross movies, Morgan Freeman has portrayed his role. Since then, whenever I read a book, Morgan Freeman’s image sticks up to Alex Cross. The same happened in Kiss the Girls!

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