H is for Hesitant – A2Z Challenge 2019

Lily and Marshall have been two extreme opposites all their life. Being in the same friends circle, they would often hang out, play golf and even go for trips together.

While Lily happens to be the quiet and reserved one, Marshall lives in the moment and does things that are sometimes outside his comfort zone. Lily will think twice before taking any step for every situation. Marshall does that too but not always.

Once while the whole troupe went golfing, a rich businessman happened to raise stakes on hole number 9. All he said was any one who can get a hole in one gets 100 $. But if you try and lose, you must pay him 1 $.

This made almost every person playing to try their luck on hole number 9. Everyone in the group knew Lily was a pro and hole number 9 was her favorite. She occasionally got a hole in one. The group insisted she give it a try too. But Lily got hesitant. For her, losing 1 $ made no sense. She declined. Marshall on the other hand gave it a shot. He landed a hole in one and won 100 $.

What just happened?

In life, we always think twice before taking any step. Lily did that too. But when there is a situation which you can handle easily, it’s the right thing to bet on your skills. If you are hesitant, you lose that moment of success.

What could have happened?

Lily knew hole number 9 very well. In 2 or 3 tries, she could have landed a hole in one. But being hesitant on losing 1 $ cost her win! Don’t be hesitant always. Trust in yourself and life will reward you!

This post is written as part of the annual A to Z Challenge where for each day of April (except Sundays) I shall write a post based on the letters part of 26 alphabets. 

I have been participating in this challenge since 2015. To read more of my posts from the “A to Z Challenge” CLICK HERE

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