8 Reasons why you should watch Sense8

I’ve been watching this amazing show called “Sense8” available on Netflix. Everyone who knows me understands the snail’s pace I take usually to complete a season of any show. It takes me months. But here, I got done within 2 weeks! The entire concept made me go bonkers and hence I have compiled a list of 8 reasons why you must not at all miss this show. Please read them and definitely add this in your list of shows to watch before you die.

  1. Concept: How would you feel when you realize you are connected to 7 people and they are to you. The show’s main storyline dwells on 8 different individuals who are a new breed of humans who are connected to each other and can feel, speak, think what the other person is going through.
  1. Diversity in Casting: They have ensured to bring in the authenticity here by bringing 8 people of different nationalities. Means you will find 8 different countries, different cultures, different emotions and languages being used here.
  1. Exploring different individuals: I like the way they have added so much of genuineness in their story. You will find people who are straight, a homosexual and a transgender here. That’s how real as a story can get, right?
  1. Surprising elements: The 8 are connected in such a fashion that they can use each other’s skills and language too. Don’t be surprised if you find a German talk in Hindi or an Icelander talk in Korean!
  1. Storyline: The storyline in Season 1 is more of a grasping material for all of us as we try to understand if this concept is true and that if we can feel what another person is feeling thousands of miles away. It is fast paced, it will make you think and you are bound to love them all.
  1. Emotional connect: Finding someone to talk to when you are sad is very important. Many don’t get to do that and either slip into a dark place or even worse. Here, when someone feels sad or needs help, the others can come to their aid. Wouldn’t that be amazing if we got that opportunity too?
  1. Direction: It is a task, trust me when me as a viewer finds it difficult to place who is talking in one scene. I can hardly imagine how they directed each sequence showing different characters performing a single task in the same way! A grand salute for them for their good work.
  1. Breaking stereotypes: Did you know that when I say they all can feel each other’s pain, I really meant it. A man can feel the pain when one of the females has menstrual cramp pain. If one of them gets pregnant, a man would immediately feel everything, right from the joy, pain and irritation! It is indeed different and not something that I’ve seen in many shows.

Here are my 8 reasons to watch this show. Don’t worry. There are no spoilers as such which will ruin your series watching experience. It’s something that I really want people to watch and hence please do check this out.

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