Zenfone- The Beast


A phone which doesn’t lag.

A phone which has less battery issues.

A phone which doesn’t hurt your pocket.

A phone with almost the best specifications.


These above lines were a dream until I laid my eyes on the Zenfone.

Asus recently launched their latest and by far the best phone ever i.e, the Zenfone 2. I have had my eyes on this device since many months. Finally it’s going to be unveiled later this month.

There are a lot of things this phone can do. If you’d ask me to list down a few reasons then here would the top 5 things this smartest phone could help me with.

  • RAM:

Oh please, how much of a relief it is when I find out that it has 4GB of RAM. This is the first phone to scale this height. My current phone has 646 mb of RAM and it is a pain when it comes to keeping even a few apps on the phone without it lagging.

  • Battery:

Also the rate at which my phone battery drains is really bad. Almost 2-3 hours and I need my portable charger to rescue me from this situation. With Asus exclusive technology I have no worries as the battery can be charged at a faster pace than I am used to.

  • Camera:

The Asus pixel master camera will solve all my queries when it comes to capturing those snapshots which I want to attach to my memories. Having a good camera is one of my top concerns and I’m sure this phone will be the best solution.

  • Specifications:

Yes, the specs on this phone are really on top. I just cannot imagine of better features in one phone. Asus have done a great job with managing to attach so many features in one power packed device.

  • Price:

Having the best specifications, camera, processor means you will have to shell out a lot, right? No. The zenfone will be priced reasonably and thus this phone will surely be a market breaker. You know how other phones are good with specs but bad with prices. Don’t you worry, for the zenfone will not disappoint you.

Also such phones show how much of effort the company has taken. I can easily tell you that Asus have taken a lot of effort to create this beast and also price it in such fashion that it can be the saviour to many.

After reading what all it can help me with, I’m least worried when it comes to which phone I need to buy. It’s obvious. The Zenfone 2 will be in my palm soon. It releases in India on the 23rd of this month. So gear up because the beast is here!


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