X is for Xenophile – A to Z Challenge 2018

X is for Xenophile which means attraction towards foreign culture and people.

Travel is a revelation. To visit a new or an old place and experiencing moments rejuvenates you. For many, it’s like food for the soul. I like traveling. Yes, that bug bit me since 2015. Before that I wasn’t that excited to go for a trip.  Of all the times I have visited a new place, I not only came back with lots of pictures but also moments of experiencing a new culture and people. Yes, these two things definitely change you as a person. When I visited Shillong, the way everyone dressed there gave me fashion goals. It did not matter whether they are going to school, work, a date or even for a stroll, no one was under-dressed or badly dressed. They looked perfect and made us folks look like outsiders clearly.

I have seen people in many cities and also their culture. It’s so diverse and you can learn a lot. In Thailand, you will find ladies cleaning the men’s bathroom and almost everyone works. They will do something so they can earn their livelihood. I rarely found a beggar per day. Also that they just cannot stop eating. Almost everyone is eating at any point of the time during the day. It’s very funny.

Such experiences make me want to travel more and experience diverse cultures and new people. It’s always fascinating and you’ll learn something every single time. Every once a while I request you to be a Xenophile and travel to a place that you haven’t been to. It can be within India also. Just go for it and spend some time around cherishing the sights nature presents and also the culture there. You will be refreshed when you come back raring to go to a new place!

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge 2018.

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  1. And when you travel, go to more than the tourist spots. Each city, town, village, has a unique history and culture. When I go to writing conferences (not as many as I sued to) I get out of the hotel and walk the street to discover the city’s unique flavor.
    Good wishes on your voyages.

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