W is for Wale – A to Z Challenge 2018

W is for Wale which means to choose.

The act of choosing is sometimes very easy and sometimes too tough. Yes, it depends on every situation. For today, I want you to consider the act of choosing after a fight. One scenario is of 2 friends or a couple. They get into an argument and  for some reason the fight escalates to a level of no return. Post the fight, they stop talking to each other. If they belong to a group of 5-6 people, every meeting gets awkward or might lead them to fight again. Hence, you are given an option to choose a side.

This is where the problem lies. If you choose one side, you lose one person’s trust. You  haven’t hurt them at all. But since you chose the other person, you’re considered an enemy now. I don’t like this setting. It only brings more hurt to those who have not done anything wrong. A misunderstanding between two can break friendships of over 2 years easily. It hurts. It also makes me question about why have I to choose?

Although you should never ever ask your friends to pick a side in the first place. Being a grown up is not an extraordinary achievement. Acting like one is. If there’s  a fight among 2, have the decency to sort it out without involving the others. If you need their involvement, then please don’t make them choose sides. Sometimes the arguments are for minuscule matters but it’s enough to break a fragile friendship. Which also makes me question if we should choose our friends wisely? That seems impossible as you cannot figure out a person in the first meeting. It takes time. So all we can do is wait and in time wale our friends/partners wisely.

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge 2018.

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