Giving Your Time – A Tough Task?


This 4 letter word sounds simple and has a meaning which is different to every single being on this planet. Time waits for no one. It goes on and on. There will be a beginning for us and an end, but time will be there.

Knowing all this, I’d want to gather your attention to a topic you might relate to; “Giving your time”

Giving your time can be interpreted as giving it for your work, your passion, your love, your friends, your family and sometimes yourself.

The main question being, “Are you giving enough time to everyone?”

By everyone I mean that small list of people who matter the most to you; whose existence matter to you; their opinions you value the most; whose absence will hurt like nothing else you’ve ever felt.

If you’re doing that, then boy I’m proud of you. It’s tough to manage even a small list of 5-10 people.

Many of us like me find it difficult to manage time for those we like. When we fail to do so, we get to hear lines like,

  • You don’t have time for me.
  • There’s 24 hours in a day and you have not a minute for me.
  • You found new friends.
  • Your phone is more important.
  • Your work is more important.

Firstly, It hurts. Yes, it hurts both ways. Of course you had a lot of work and couldn’t get in time for the family movie. And yes, you got so lost in reading that book that you forgot to meet your parents and take them out for dinner. Of course that on the one holiday you got for the week, you decided to sleep and rest and not meet your friends.

We often see our side of the story and fail to see the other side of the story. The only thing you need to do here is to make up for that lost time.


Yes, you couldn’t make it in time for the movie. Make sure you make it for the next one soon.

Yes, you slept off the entire Sunday and didn’t meet your friends. Make sure you meet them soon.

Although the only thing that matters is your effort. If that effort takes long, then with time, there will be a distance between you guys. It’s tough to break that. It’s even more tough to take more effort to make it work.

For what it’s worth, don’t let it reach that stage. Take those actions soon. Many don’t have even 2-3 people around them asking about their well being. You have more. Don’t lose it.

Lastly, a special mention goes to those with parents. Give them time. Even if it’s a 1 minute call; do it everyday. You don’t know what’s in store for tomorrow. It doesn’t matter that you’re neck deep in work or too tired to move a muscle. Talk to them. It really matters to them.

Breaking Stereotype – Family Life Situations

Today’s topic is about breaking the stereotype in a family life situation,


Sunday mornings means I go to church!

Firstly to make it clear, I do like going for mass.

Also, it’s one time of the week when I get to hear my favorite choir sing and that’s awesome.

Today’s sermon gave me an idea which I had to convert into a blog post.

The thought is about 90% of us being part of a stereotype. When given a situation, 90% of us would always see just one side of it.

For me to convince you about being part of a stereotype, let’s look at a situation.


There are 4 people in the family. The first person “A” enters home with an empty bottle. That person throws the bottle on the floor and then proceeds to hit one of the family member “B”.

There’s “C” who is reading the newspaper and is scared to interfere.

The last person “D” is engrossed using the smartphone and is scared to react.


So what did you imagine?


Did you imagine a drunk father entering the house post his drinking session and hitting the wife while the kids just watched and were scared to react?

It’s not wrong to think like that. I did that too.

Although, why couldn’t it be the elder sister entering home and raising her hand on the younger brother while the old parents watched because they were too weak to react?

It’s because we as a society show domestic and physical abuse only through the eyes of a drunk man!

To conclude, this topic did ring some bells and got me thinking about how we react to certain situations unknowingly.

We just don’t see the whole picture.We judge directly without proper research.


Either you can share my thinking or can question my thoughts. I’d love to hear your views on this topic.

Happy Sunday!

Chronicles of the Gupta Family

Anthony Bourdain, an American chef says,

“What nicer thing can you do for somebody than make them breakfast?”

That’s a golden line. Yes, I agree there is nothing better than someone preparing breakfast for you first thing in the morning.

The Gupta Family also agrees with the same.

Now you might ask, who’s the Gupta family?

Before i could tell you about them let’s see how they look like.

Here’s an image of all of their smiling faces.

Photo credit – Kellogg’s Facebook Page



The entire family loves to experiment with food and thus have a breakfast option for almost every emotion. They love Kellogg’s and thus it is mandatory that every variety of their breakfast must include the cornflakes.

To be precise, they have around 100 recipes. Yes, a whopping 100 recipes. Some are listed below;

  • Walnut cornflakes Choco balls – first crush waala nashta
  • cornflake coconut laddoos – best tiffin waala nashta
  • Peach cornflakes – bff waala nashta
  • cornflakes date shake – date waala nashta
  • cornflakes fruity yogurt – smile waala nashta
  • Walnut muffin and many more.

Just listing some of these have got me drooling. They have specific names for all these breakfast dishes. Like I said, they have something to feed you for almost every situation.

Like the walnut cornflakes Choco balls, that describes how the youngest son wants to impress his crush. So the family helps him by teaching him to make some Choco balls filled with walnuts so that his crush gets impressed too.

For the cornflakes fruity yogurt, the scene portrays Mr.Gupta getting upset whilst on a phone call and Mrs.Gupta realizing that her husband is not smiling makes up her mind to cheer him up. She goes ahead and makes a beautiful combination of cornflakes along with yogurt. When Mr.Gupta has it, after a bit of resisting he finally gives up and smiles widely.

Also, the cornflakes date shake portrays how Mr.Gupta decides to impress his missus by decorating the room with flowers, some candle lights and a date shake with cornflakes. Mrs.Gupta is impressed with his effort and the end result is a big success.

There are so many such instances where they use breakfast as a medium to cheer up the family member. No wonder everyone wants to head there and have the leisurely made breakfast. Trust me; with variety as such you will wait to be invited in their house.

Breakfast at your home will be something which will not make you happy anymore because of the nashta which is available in the Gupta house.

I would like you to watch this video which is just an introduction of the Gupta family and the curiosity which has spread among the entire locality. Everyone asks the family members just one question; “When are you calling us for breakfast?”

Here’s the video.

Also, do check out their playlist (YouTube-Kellogg’s) which has around 15 videos which have a good flavor of entertainment and also where there are many recipes which can be learnt. You too can impress many people by learning new dishes in a fun manner.

So i’m already waiting for the invitation. I want to have breakfast with them as i know for whatever i feel, they will surely have something to cheer me up with. Also with so many options i’ll be just wondering…. Aaj breakfast mein kya milega?

Photo credit – Kellogg’s Facebook Page