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B is for Bluff – A2Z Challenge 2019


Barney and Robin had been friends for over a decade. Robin always had been the one speaking honestly and being truthful. Barney would manipulate as per situations and would find it tough to be honest about almost anything.

If Robin wants to go to a new restaurant and Barney doesn’t want to, he’d bluff her by mentioning that he’s already been to that place. The same applies to movies, random meetings and many more situations. On the other hand, Robin will always be honest. If she doesn’t want to meet because she wants to chill at home, then that’s what she will say.

What just happened?

This is a classic case of bluffing which will then turn into manipulating and lying in order to escape from every situation.

What could have been?

I’ve been on both ends and I can tell you that bluffing, lying and manipulating will bring Barney nothing. Only stress and tension. Being truthful like Robin however brings clarity. Yes, people won’t like your answer. They might feel like you are ignoring them and might even distance themselves from you.

But don’t you worry. The real ones will stick back. They’ll be annoyed but won’t leave your side. Being honest is a blessing to your mind. It helps you be positive, stay motivated and plan for the future.

10th anniversary special for A to Z Challenge

This post is written as part of the annual A to Z Challenge where for each day of April (except Sundays) I shall write a post based on the letters part of 26 alphabets. 

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Z is for Zealot – A to Z Challenge 2018

Z is for Zealot which means passionate in the pursuit of anything.

The A-Z Challenge comes to an end with the letter Z. For the entirety of this series I chose words from A-Z which were not only unusual and rare but also words which would help make your life  better in every way. Hence it deems fit that I choose the last word Zealot which means to be passionate in whatever you do.

Life without passion is like life without oxygen. At some point you will start suffocating. At that time either you will suffer and die OR you will do something to survive. Hence it’s best to never stop doing what you like. You surely know few who are corporate slaves by morning and are either budding writers/musicians/etc by night. It’s passion that gives life meaning. I know thinking practical is what everyone does. So, let’s think practically but let’s also not forget to keep that kid within you happy. You like reading, writing, singing, dancing, art, weaving etc whatever it is you like, keep doing it. Some say it breathes new air into their body. For some, it’s a part time profession. And finally some take the leap of faith and turn it into their profession.

When it comes to doing any kind of work, do have the passion. It changes you as a person. Household chores also when completed give you a sense of satisfaction when done right. Give it your 100% and the result will warm your heart and bring a smile to your face. Never stop learning. That’s how we evolve and get better in life. There are no shortcuts. Just make sure to keep no barriers on inhibitions while learning something new. Yes, you’ll fail and also make a joke out of yourself but every day you learn, you will definitely get better.

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge 2018.

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Y is for Yeverous – A to Z Challenge 2018

Y is for Yeverous which means being eager or impetuous.

Never reply when you are angry. Never make a promise when you are happy and never make a decision when you are sad. These lines make a lot of sense. Until few years back, I would do all the above every single time I was happy, sad or angry. The results were catastrophic. I liked this line which perfectly resembled me i.e. “Jump first, think later”. Now I’ve reversed it a lot. I now think first and then jump. It makes my life better.

Taking decisions in the heat of the moment never helps anyone. It makes matters worse. Let’s analyze and then take a call. But it’s easier said than done. A simple example being plans made in a group for a trip to Goa or Ladakh! Everyone leaps in joy and say “Done”. But when the time comes, someone backs out because his parents are suddenly unwell, some don’t have the money and the rest just lost interest. The plan goes kaput and someone gets hurt the most as they had initiated the plan and was excited to go. So if you cannot go somewhere, don’t take a hasty decision as you don’t know how it hurts the other person.

I gave an example of travel. This can be applied to a lot of situations where we promise something and then cannot deliver. Also, when angry we say things we don’t mean but it hurts the other person. There’s nothing you can do about it as words once spoken cannot be retrieved back. Also, when I’m sad I refrain from taking life changing decisions. Trust me, at that moment you just do about anything to take your mind off the pain. But that’s the point. You have to suffer. That pain is for a moment. Let it through and once you’re done, it shall not affect you. Not letting it hurt you is bad as you delay it and do something stupid. Every emotion must be felt and so is sadness.

To conclude, let’s not be Yeverous as it’s best to take a deep breath and think before you promise, decide or reply. That definitely will make you a better person.

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge 2018.

You can check my posts of this series right from 2015 till date – CLICK HERE