Destination – Dubai

I had a hard time picking a choice of a country which i would want to visit. (Personally, i have a huge list!!)
But it all zeroed down to Dubai.
We all know what Dubai is and yes its a good place to visit.
If i have to travel there say, for 2 weeks then my main intention is to fit less stuff in my backpack in order to be more flexible in traveling.

Its obvious when you travel with more luggage you are bound to be more irritated, and in due course will cancel many “places to visit” list which you had decided upon.
So, i wouldn’t wanna be one of em.

My backpack would include clothes, not many, not less.
Also, less of cash and the remaining in a debit card would suffice.
A smartphone would be of utmost importance because of its navigation use.
A camera is one more essential item I’d need.

So this is how, I’ll manage to keep my backpack light.
That will open up additional places for me to visit via road i.e Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Doha and Kuwait etc
So many options mean Dubai will be like a link for me to visit many other destinations.
Smart right?

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