H is for Hebdomadally – A to Z Challenge 2015

H is forHebdomadally.
Which means every week.

Every week, we do all sorts of things.
Some study.
Some work.
Some procrastinate.
Some just be merry.
Some do what they love.
Some do nothing.
Some look for doing at least one of the above things.

I work on all weekdays. On weekends, I prefer giving time to my family, some friends and most importantly… “ME”. I believe we must give time to ourselves no matter what happens.
Just an example:
You work the entire week.
You come home late night and sleep.
On the weekend, friends and family ask you to give them time.
It’s their right and you try your best to make them happy.
But you can’t make everyone happy.
They speak rudely to you, saying you have no time for them and that you have changed.

After all you’ve been through the entire week, without giving a little time for yourself, is this what you want to hear?
Is that what you deserve?
No matter what happens, accept it that you cannot make time for everyone. You cannot make everyone happy. Not until you are happy. So promise you’ll give a little time for yourself. The ones who care for you will understand. 

Image credit – angeladipaola.com

Have a nice day folks!
This post is written as a part of A-Z challenge 2015 where bloggers from all around the world will blog for the whole month, daily based on all the alphabets in chronological order. You can read more such beautiful posts on their website.

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