(This is a post regarding child sex abuse event which was hosted by Indi blogger)

This is what we ought to teach our kids.

Child Sex Abuse is what’s doing the rounds in our country.
How can we say that the roads are safe for women & kids?
We simply can’t!!

Women know what a bad touch is and how to voice your opinion at that moment.

But the kids?
They don’t know much!!

They do know it’s not the usual touching, but they can’t put those experiences in the form of words which their parents can understand.

e.g.: If a girl child is being molested by her own uncle, she would find it tough to explain it to her mother. If she does it might be in the form of this;

“Maa, I don’t want to sit with Uncle. He ain’t good.”

The mother will think something else, & tell the child to not act rude with the uncle.

What can the kid do?
 They feel helpless!!
Thus they need the vocabulary, in short the perfect words, in order to communicate it to their parents, before it’s too late.

This ain’t just happening with the girl child.
The boys are victims too!!
Surprising right?

The fact that boys are molested might be of an alienated topic altogether for India.
But it does happen.

Now I can go on & on about this post, as few lines can’t state what needs to be done.

Thus all I can say is,

If we need to stop this, we need to step up, & teach our kids what they need to know, rather than hoping for the worst.

Thus to protect them… Teach them!!

You might think they are kids, they won’t understand.
If that’s what you think, then my dear friend, you are very wrong.
Try explaining.

If the kids can understand at least a portion of it, then you have done your part.
Just remember,

Today it was someone’s child; tomorrow it can be your child..!!

The event was held at Café Infinito in Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai on 5th April 2014

A gist of the event:

Crowd – Average

Topic – Child Sex Abuse

Speakers – Outstanding

Q & A round – 1.45 hours +

Interaction level – Top of the Charts

That’s right!!
The interaction level was way better than I expected it to be.

The Q & A round went on and on.
Questions were answered well by the speakers.
Stories & Experiences were shared.
The crowd had surprisingly more youngsters than the other age groups!!

All in All an informative event, with the cause well explained.
Good work!!

What do you think about this article?

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