D is for Deadlines – A to Z Challenge 2019


Working for a Telecom company in the accounts team was the dream for Sam.

After a few months, this bubble burst and he realized the only statement that matter the most was “Meet the deadlines”.

He knows Bobby, his boss can get really upset and will torture him in ways unimaginable to make him feel bad. For Sam, Bobby was nothing but a dream sucking demon who only knows how to crush dreams of newcomers like him.

One evening, the clock struck at 9 which was way late for people working in this office. Sam has a deadline. He knows incomplete work means trouble. Bobby passed by his desk and looked at a worried Sam who almost would cry at any moment.

“Go home…. Do it tomorrow”

These words came to Sam as a shock more than any other moment in the world. Confused, he did leave for the night but couldn’t understand what made Bobby say those words. Was he actually a good human being who did have a heart OR was he going to fire him the very next day post-deadline day?

What just happened?

Sam was more worried to finish the work within the deadline day to escape the abuses rather than investing his time smartly to meet the deadline.

What could have happened?

I’ve been given golden advice in moments like these, “Plan your work, list them down, prioritize them and work smartly”. That’s all you need. I’ve been in Sam’s shoes. But my Bobby was the best teacher I could ever wish for!

I wish the same for you all!

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