When Change Happens – Book Review

If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. ~Mary Engelbreit


Today I finished reading a book named “When Change Happens” by Lalit Jagtiani

The book in general is about Change management.

Change management is a process of aligning employees with the desired change in the organization. This concept is applicable not only in corporate lives but also in every other part of our life. Change is inevitable indeed.

Firstly, the book begins with the protagonist Matt who is bored with his work. The monotony is creeping up with him. He soon gets a call from his superior where he gets to know he will be part of a trained task force of 15 people who will be change agents in the organization. Their ulterior motive is to bring a change in the employees efficiency!

When I started reading this book, there was so much I could relate to it as I’m working too. Yes, change is necessary. It’s possible that you are good at you’re work or you’re lagging behind always. What’s worse is when you don’t know where you’re heading and what are you doing.

I must say that the author has done a fantastic job by linking this concept with a corporate executive kind of a character. That’s how people; old or young can relate to. They have been in his position once in their life. They can know what all happens in the organization right from appreciation to politics to promotions to back stabbing!

It’s that way I could finish this story in 2 reading sessions.


I’d earnestly request all of the professionals to definitely read this book as a concept like this needs to be highlighted a lot more often that it currently has.

The book embarks a journey of how most of our problems can be solved internally itself.

  • We don’t need to find reasons for low sales if we find out why our sales team is not motivated.
  • Also, we don’t need to find out why the company is not faring better against the competition if we cannot find out why the inter departments are fighting among themselves to get the best team award!
  • We don’t need to keep hiring people all the time if we can find out why are they leaving in the first place.

With a shared vision where both the employee and the organization benefit, there will only be success and growth! To change, we need to know why is it needed and what benefits can it get to the organization.

However, it’s easier said than done! There’s a lot of effort which will be needed to put in. Only changing your working style won’t help. Consistency is the key for success over the years.

In conclusion, we cannot do anything alone. We need to get through this together!


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