The Things We Do To Watch IPL…!!!

Indian premier league has never failed to get its audience glued towards the screen for 2 months.

P.S – If you happen to travel all over India, & in the months April & May you find people hovering around any random TV Screen, just get the hint.. IPL has begun..!!

Its that time of the year, when everyone happens to ask one question to each other..


I have done some things too, not so crazy, but still weird..!!

1) I happened to miss out on a Chennai vs Mumbai game. 
My internet pack was exhausted. No balance too.
I happened to sit beside a friend in Church whom i hadn’t spoken too since years.
I said “Hi”… His face brightened up…. He said he had missed our talks.. i interrupted him by asking the score of the match….
Classic rudeness nah..!! 😛
The Things i do for the love of cricket..!!!!

2) Now we all know how Chris Gayle bats.
I am very familiar with the fact that he can start hammering the entire bowling line up one by one when he is in the mood.
That day, i was helping my friend with a university level paper whose prelims were taking place the next day. He had got strict ultimatums from his house, that the TV Connection would be cut off, had he failed..
So i was teaching him, while the TV was on mute mode.
Then Gayle started hammering…
Sixes here.. Sixes there.. Sixes everywhere.
He happened to bat somewhere around 10-15 overs.
Post that, we got glued to the screen, and watched the entire match.
Later, i taught him some more, and we called it a day!!
After his results came out, i got a call + a message completely filled with love & abuses.
he had failed…
Not only did his father cut off the connection, he also shifted the TV to the living room.
Now my friend is found near electronic stores, when he wants to have a match.. 😛

3) Let’s talk about STAR SPORTS:

We all know that a firm needs to keep growing, and keep expanding it’s customer base.
Star sports had once channel.
Now they have 6-7 channels right from Star sports 1,2,3&4 along with HD channels HD1 & 2 etc.

They have revolutionalised how we watch sports.
I always had this hatred towards sports channels not supporting our local cricket, but that hatred turned into respect, as now, if you can’t see an international cricket match, be sure to find an on going Ranji season, or any other local tournament.

Then, I’m a fan of the English premier league too.
So i witnessed these features some time back.
They have it for Football, Hockey, Cricket & Formula 1.
Apart from Hockey, i follow the rest sports ardently.

The main feature i like is the replay section.
Where you can see videos of all matches you missed.
The goals of the week, saves of the week.
That’s new…
Same goes with cricket.
I missed out on the last few overs of the match between RCB vs DD.
Just logged on to star & watched the highlights right from where i missed it.
You can see, boundaries & sixes of an innings, wickets taken, the best play of the day etc.
So many options, they really want to monopolise their position, and let me tell you, i see them doing a great job.

So now when i miss a match, i am rest assured, Star sports has kept the replays safe for me!!

So to all you cricket lovers… Happy days have arrived… IPL ka bulaava aaya hai..!!!

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