Thoughts – 8

I’ve been to this place called ISDI parsons, Mumbai.
This school has a lot graduate programs which deal with arts and graphic designing and lot more.
Their tiny campus had so much of talent which could be witnessed with what they had stuck on every wall.
I’ve just clicked a few images and would like to share it with y’all.
These are lovely.


That’s one good design of a huge city.


I love this one too..  Lots of colors..  Reminds me of the rainbow.


Anyone like cards?


Quite musical with the Cd’s!


The colors used here are really good!


And I just love Tom and Jerry..  Who doesn’t!


And this is the final image of many such images. God I can’t even imagine how they could do it..  I can’t even draw a normal house without help!

Anyways..  Here’s a shout out to all those creative heads all over the world.

Keep it up!
We appreciate it..

Happy weekend.

Thoughts – 2

One of my snapshots whilst in Mangalore, India.



What a sight.
Its truly said that there are certain people or certain images which are a sight for sore eyes.
When you see em, the calmness and happiness just sprouts out.
This definitely is one of them.
Please do share your thoughts with me.

Thoughts – 1


The Beach…
The sound of silence!
Peace and calmness personified.

My thoughts over this specific pic:

While i was trying to capture the perfect sunset moment, i happened to feel the water beneath me.


After every attempt, the water came more ahead.
Better than the previous attempt.

That’s how our life is right?
We keep pushing, Extend our efforts, and it pays off well.

IMG-20140516-WA0005We keep getting better and better.