Poetry on COVID-19 aka Corona

COVID-19 makes me Rhyme – Poetry by a Work from Home Human

Here’s an epic poetry by a simple Work from Home employee working from home due to COVID-19 lock down!

While gazing at the mirror, who wouldn’t even take my selfie… My belly had expanded, from unfit to a tellytubbie.

This is recent, let’s dwell on the recent past, Who would have known that this pandemic would last?

Life was like a dream when the news broke out all extreme. COVID – 19 was screening all over the world, like a never-ending meme.

We left from work today, not in the mood for any more sorrow. Did I hear that correctly? No traveling to work from tomorrow?

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Poetry and Me.. Really?

Till I turned 23, poetry and I have had an inverse relationship.
Never really understood how people write them.
How could they portray their emotions so beautifully?
Let me tell you, I consider myself creatively dumb.
I have had many friends; fellow bloggers who write wonderful poems, such that give you peace, make you feel content.

Now, recently I had feelings for this girl I knew.
But like a dramatic sequence or whatever you call it, she likes someone else.
That didn’t stop me from telling her what I felt about her.
So one day whilst playing a stupid game i got a dare to write some lines about her.
Knowing I could never be with her, I came up with a title, and spilled my emotions in those lines.

I thus agree that poetry is really a spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.
Here is the poetry (I think it’s a poetry) I wrote during that stage.
It’s called as “That’s the Dream”

Some lines showing what the dream is for me when I’m with you.
Hope you like it.
To close my eyes and think about you.
That’s the dream!
To be in your presence, and be loved like never before.
That’s the dream!
To swim in your eyes whilst you look at me with love.
That’s the dream!
To cherish every moment we spend together like it’s my last.
That’s the dream!
To walk hand in hand, with you by my side.
That’s the dream!
To wake up, and find you by my side.
 That’s the dream!