Harischandragad Fort Trek

Harishchandragad Fort Trek – Part 2

To the ones who haven’t read the first part, here’s the link – Harishchandragad Fort Trek – Part 1

Part 2

So after ending day 1 at 4.45 am and waking up at 7 am you can just imagine how much of energy we all could muster to walk up to the topmost point of this trek. So after some breakfast and clicking some pictures, we packed up our tent the way it should and started our journey. The path we had to walk was almost over 2 hours before we could start the actual trek. ( Yes, imagine what hopes I already have!)

The route from Konkan Kada to Harishchandragad Fort Trek

The route to Harischandragad Fort Trek was not filled with rose petals.. or even concrete for crying out loud. It is full of stones Yes literally. My feet hurt even thinking about it. So after a long walk, we finally got a jeep which hauled our asses up to a certain point. That saved a lot of energy. We found a few hotels and took a small break for tea which Yvonne likes the most.

Villages in Kokan Kada (Konkan Kada)

After our tea break, we walked a bit and finally reached the start of the trek. Phew. That was almost around 10 am.

10.01 am – The excitement of the trek took over me.

10.05am – We started the climb. I knew my calf muscles would get a lot of action today.

10.10 am – The bag weight accompanied by the tent bag started to weigh over us.

10.30 am – I wanted to go home and tell my mother that i love her.

10.45 am – I just wanted to find a good spot, open up the tent, and rest there till eternity.

Yes my dear people, it just took me 45 minutes to lose hope. But we didn’t stop. We kept going on and on. After a certain point, we got this view which kind of was good to see.

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The route to Harishchandragad Fort trek was full of twists.
The weather was just amazing

So after a bit of resting, we started climbing up and up. We continued to do so. The weather was at it’s best and only rarely was there a sunny moment. Thank god for that.

The Harishchandragad trek route
Climbing in progress!

And at these rare moments. it seriously felt good to take a selfie.

Somewhere near to Konkan Kada and far from Malshej Ghat

So after the climb and a few minutes of walking, we reached a good surface. By good surface, I mean a good background for people who love to capture nature in their cameras. So it’s obvious I started clicking and my friends, as usual, were ready to pose.

The view from the top of Harishchandragad trek
One of the best views within Maharashtra

So after a good photo session, we continued on our search for the Konkan Kada cliff. We found yet another tiny shop where the vendor had tea and nimbu pani. Since we had enough of our fill for the day, we decided not to have anything. ( A big mistake!)

We asked the guy for directions. There were 2 paths. He told us to go left when we should have gone right! It took us an extra 1.30hrs than the other route. Imagine our state! (We realized all this after reaching the Konkan Kada. I’m still searching that vendor)

Anyways since we were oblivious to the fact that we were on walking on a longer route, so we kept walking. It was almost 2 pm. We hadn’t seen a single soul for almost an hour (which was creepy) and by then we were hungry, so we decided to take another break. Here’s a picture of the view where we enjoyed our lunch session.

Malshej Ghat and Konkan Kada view

So after cooking and a bit of rest, we started walking again. And finally around 5.30-6 pm, we made it. Yes, we did. Hooray!! We reached the base camp where we decided to set up for the night. Here’s the temple of Harishchandragad.

The legendary Harishchandragad fort

So after checking out this temple, we set up our tent and started with our duties of finding wood, setting up a fire, and cooking.

The food we created during our trek in Maharashtra

It took us some time, but the end result was good. Oh yeah, here’s a picture of the tent also!

The early morning sunrise during our trek
Amazing ain’t it?

So after setting up, Errol carried on with the duties of cooking and we tried helping a bit. We played some good music. It took us a lot of time but the dish we prepared was amazing!

The atmosphere was just too good to be true minus the bugs which kept irritating us. So finally after a lot of eating and a lot of talking, we decided to crash and thus ended a day which included almost 28000 steps equivalent to 21 km in a single day.

In my next post, I’ll share our last tryst with this place when we visited the Konkan Kada cliff where the view is almost unbelievable.

The Never Ending Story Of A Pig, A Pony And A Frog – Part 3



Those 3 words have shaped our lives during MBA.

Like last year I sit in front of my desktop writing this post and wondering… “How the hell did we manage to keep this madness up and running?”

I still don’t have an answer so I’ll move ahead with the post.

So, it’s our horsy a.k.a Jessica’s birthday.

A Memory from last year’s epic birthday bash.

If I had to tell you guys how many names we have given her then one post might be a bit less for it.

But don’t worry horsy, we won’t divulge the names to anyone.

It’s your birthday na. So maaf kiya.


Do you remember those times we sat together for lectures? (Oh yeah, that one also where Piggy answered every time he got the chance… I still haven’t forgiven him for that.)

The never ending chats on stupid things which did not make sense?

Sometimes we only laughed… stopped… then laughed a little more!

And the picture moments were too much.

I look so obedient…

There was a time when my only purpose of coming to college would be to meet you guys. Yeah, really.

We connected very well. Like it was “meant to be” types. 😛

I can’t believe I actually wrote the above line.


My page… My words.

Anyways if I keep talking of our moments, even 1500 words would seem less and forgive me but I’m not going to write such a lengthy one again. 😛

So moving on ahead, our friendship has scaled a lot of heights. It has also witnessed a lot of lows too. But we’re still hanging in there. This bond won’t break that easy.

(Not until one of you literally move out to someplace where there is no steady internet connection)

I see some of our pictures together and damn there’s a bit of change in me and piggy.

But u our dear horsy have not changed a bit.

Before you could deny, here’s some proof… 😛


And now we are like this 😛



Honestly, the only thing people can see is your face.

Jokes apart, we have always had a good time when you’re around.

I can speak TV Shows with you all day long and you know it.

Time spent with you is always cherished by us.

The place doesn’t matter. Nor does anything else.

As long as we are together i doubt we’d need anything else.

(Too much emo in the above line nah?)

Anyways, your 2 favorite animals would like to end this small post by wishing you a happy birthday and wish that you get what you want. That you always smile and be the same. (Just meet us more often or we won’t talk to you haa)

Oh yea, btw piggy made a small video just for you which is waiting in your mail inbox.

It has some of our memories.

Do have a look. Don’t cry ha please!

We love you.

With Love,

Piggy and Froggy

Because I'm Happy

Good Morning.

Today, whilst checking out Housing.com and their new look, I happened to come around few pictures which signifies the importance of being #together in this journey of life.


I then remembered a situation which took place last year. That situation took almost 8 months and help from few important people in my life to come out from. So I thought, why not share it with you guys. Here’s a story close to my heart which I now put forth you.

May 2014 – Completed MBA in Finance.

June 2014 – Job search begins.

January 2015 – The search still continues.

That’s my story.

I, Lancelot Quadras after completing my degree started losing confidence in myself at a rapid pace. Interview after interview, facing rejection became part of my reality. There were times I could not sleep. There were times I introspected on what I’ve been missing out on. There were times I questioned my capabilities. 

8 months after my college life was over I still had no job. At that time i could be compared to a maze, where there is no way out. Only twists and turns leading to different p-laces, but not to the end. That feeling of doing nothing and having nothing to do… many can relate to it. The question then arises; how you deal with it? What happens when you can’t find the end of the tunnel; when everything looks bleak; when everything around you only seems to pull you down; your morale is at an all time low. I described it a bit dramatically. But yeah, the feeling was upsetting to heights I don’t want to measure anymore in this lifetime.

I am lucky to have few people whom I care about. I’m even luckier when I tell you that these few people have been there for me in my happy moments, times when I need some advice, times when I just want to be heard and finally… times when I just wanted to hear and accept the truth.

When I think about how I made it so far without doing something stupid or slipping into the pool of sadness, I just look at the almighty and thank him for keeping so many angels beside me. The angels are in the form of my family and a few friends.

I have My Parents to thank for their understanding. It’s not easy to look at your son struggle for a job when you’ve given your 100%. There were moments when I could see a bit of frustration in their eyes. Sometimes they must have seen the sadness on my face. But they’ve made sure to keep me happy no matter what.

I have a few Set of Friends to thank for providing a never ending funda on life, success and failure talks, cracking jokes and just about bringing a smile on my face when all I wanted was nothing more than solitude. I was wrong. I needed them and they came to me, made me laugh, gave me hope and the strength I needed to come out of this situation.

The result of their belief in me did pay off. I got a job on 12th February, and that was one of the best days of my life. Everyone’s happy. My family and friends said they knew I’d make it one day and yes I did make it.

Alone everything looks kind of impossible but #together we can scale new heights. I couldn’t have managed my confidence, be positive, if it were not for my parents and friends. I’m glad I have them in my life.

It’s truly said that sometimes even an “I’m here for you” can bring in hope and strength in us which can help us to #lookup and rise up to the occasion.  So have there been occasions when you felt everything was not going your way but there were some important people who were there for you, believed in you and with their help got you out safely? If yes, then please share it with me. Let the world know the power of being together.


The Decision That Changed My Life

10-15 Tournaments – 0 matches wins – 0 Tournament wins.

This is sadness right?

You might be guessing about teams with such a low performance level.

This one’s different.

This is the story of my college life.


There were some of us who shared the passion for football. We made a small team comprising of 6 guys. We weren’t the best. Hell, we weren’t even good. All we had was the love for the game.

We decided to play for rink football tournaments which are basically for 5-8 players and the ground size is lesser than half of the actual football ground. Now don’t think since the space is small that everyone can last the entire game time.

Wrong. Did you know that the pace of the game increases with the reduction of ground space? So smaller the ground, faster will be the game. We worked on our stamina to last an entire game. It was tough but over the course of a couple of months we could last an entire game. Then was the turn of the next hurdle I.e. coordination. I believe without coordination and team work, no team can succeed. So we found out our inner strengths, played along and in time, we had a good coordination level.

Over this period of understanding our strengths and weaknesses, we practiced after lectures, tried getting better with each training session and playing friendlies to find out how good did we fare in the game.


Now the results in the practice games sometimes don’t highlight everything. The nervousness, the fear is less when we play such matches. It gets a zillion times worse while we actually play.

We got the taste of that nervousness in our first match ever. It was for a team of 5 with 3 substitutes which can be used anytime in the game. We got scared. Not one pass was mad correctly. We lost 6-1. The goal which I scored was from a penalty. That was the only shot on goal. The most embarrassing part was the opposition had been playing in their jeans and we were decked up to play mainstream football. So many people watched our game, laughed on us. I still remember that day and laugh on it.

Over the course of 1.5 years, we kept going to tournaments in different colleges, only to lose in the first round. Sometimes we got humiliated, sometimes we humiliated ourselves with the performance. Once, we lost against a team who had one player lesser than us. That was the day our morale was tested. I had lost every bit of hope.

Then I faced my biggest challenge.

In our final year, we decided to play our last tournament. 2 teams from our batch also were participating there. They came up with a theory where they suggested that we make 2 good teams with awesome players and 1 weak team. In all honesty I’ve never felt that disgusted. How can you degrade someone by telling them they are weak? Winning is not everything. Sometimes even your efforts count. I remember one professor who called us losers because she knew we would keep losing. Over time, she respected us for never giving up. She was always our support and gave us permission for all such tournaments.

Anyways coming back to the situation, I was asked to play in the supposedly “strong team”. Now honestly, my loyalty was tested. I really wanted the taste of winning at least a match once before my college life was over. I could get it all if I would join the other team. I wanted to win, but not without my friends.

I chose my friends.

The others asked me to reconsider. But I had decided. Had it been 100 losses on the trot, I’d still be with them.

The tournament was nothing less than a fairy tale.

We not only won 1 match, but went on to the semis.

Yeah, semis!

Imagine the delight when we heard the final whistle which was rung for our victory.

We were overjoyed. We had done it.

On the course to the semis we defeated one of the “strong teams “on penalties.

Yes, we did. We of course lost the semis to the other strong team (who FYI were really good) but we earned some respect in the form of both the teams coming to us and telling how badly they had underestimated us. It feels really good when your opponents come ahead and praise your efforts.


All in all, that step I took helped me understand something really important.

When the going gets tough and you want to succeed, there will always be 2 paths i.e. an easy path and the actual path.

The easy path is like a joy ride which gets over soon. You don’t really earn it when you take the easy route.

The actual path is what we are supposed to do in that moment.

What we decide shapes our destiny.

When in doubt of myself, I always think of that day when I took that bold step which would lead to the greatest victory my team ever had.

And that’s one of the most prized moments of my life.

By bold decisions involving change, I’d like to highlight your attention to Housing.com who like change and also help make your housing decisions simple. Their new website look is really worth looking at. With them, you need not worry finding that home where you can start your new life.

So go ahead, explore Housing.com and be ready to experience the change.

Saturday Photo hunt ~ ROCK ~

This week’s theme reminded me of my college trip to Rajasthan, India.

Those indeed were the good days!

Here are some rocky images from that trip. 🙂

2013-12-05 16.02.36
Now that definitely reminded me of “The Lord Of The Rings”

I apologize for this blurry picture, but the background just forced me enough to let it upload in this post. 😛


Apart from my Rajasthan trip, i also have a picture whilst on a trek. It was raining so heavily that the entire area felt more or less like a swimming pool.

2014-07-27 11.46.45
That’s one rocky pose!!


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Theme for this week is “ROCK” 
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