Top 17 Apps for Instagram

Top 17 Apps for Instagram to Make Your Life Easy

Do you check Instagram every day?

Do you love creating content on Instagram or simply sharing posts?

If the answer to both these questions is YES, then this post will work wonders for you.

Being an avid user myself for 4-5 years, I know that adding the best content is what everyone wants.

Over these years, I have found some amazing apps for Instagram that will improve your experience and enhance your content.

Please Note: If you are looking out for,

1. Apps for Instagram followers

2. Apps for Instagram likes,

3. Apps for Instagram comments, and

4. Apps for Instagram views

Then I’m sorry as I don’t have that information on this blog. I will however list down apps that will help you post well and get the best experience out of Instagram.

Best apps for editing Instagram photos:

Almost everyone loves uploading pictures on Instagram. But that’s not all right? We want the best effects, layouts, and font too! Doing all this will help our picture stand out from the rest. And of course, give us those likes and engagement too.

Overall, I have used 4 out of these 5 apps mentioned below. They’re good, effective and helps enhance your picture. Moreover, I learned a thing or two about editing photos due to these apps. I hope these help you too.

Top Apps for Instagram photo editing

1. VSCO – Google Play store | Apple iOS

Considered as one of the best photo editing apps for Instagram, VSCO has over 200+ preset filters with advanced photo editing tools. Out of these only 10 are free. The rest can be unlocked in the paid version.

2. Snap seed – Google Play store | Apple iOS

Snap seed has over 25+ tools and features that you can use on normal and RAW files. You can edit people out of the photos and enhance images to the best of quality.

I like using this app and consider it as one of the best editing apps for Instagram.

3. Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor – Google Play store | Apple iOS

How can we have this list without an entry from Adobe? Adobe is well known for its photo editing capabilities. You can edit normal and RAW images with the best tools.

Most professionals swear by Lightroom and call it one of the best apps for Instagram edits. There are interactive tutorials and preset filters that you can use.

4. A Color Story – Google Play store | Apple iOS

This is one of the best apps with Instagram filters by users worldwide. It enhances the colors in your photos along with 20+ free editing tools, effects, and filters. They also have an Instagram grid planning preview tool that helps you plan your profile grid in a better way.

Canva is the Top Apps for Instagram

5. Canva – Google Play store | Apple iOS

Also known as one of the best apps to resize photos for Instagram, I must say that Canva is the best app I have ever used. As a person who has limited knowledge with designing, Canva has helped me create my blog banners, Pinterest Pins, Instagram Stories, and many more. It’s a revelation and perhaps a tool that every blogger will love.

Best apps to edit videos for Instagram:

Photos are the present and Videos are the future. Lately, as we are stuck at home, many have become budding chefs and artists showcasing D-I-Y arts. Hence the use of videos has been increasing. With this, I give you 5 amazing apps to make videos for Instagram.

Boomerang for Instagram

6. Boomerang from Instagram – Google Play store | Apple iOS

Let’s start with one of the best video apps for Instagram i.e. Boomerang.

With this app, you can make 6-second videos. All you have to do is press a button continuously while Instagram takes 10 burst shots. This will be replayed resulting in a video that resembles a GIF. You don’t need to edit anything here!

7. Hyper lapse from Instagram – Apple iOS

Found on the Apple store, “Hyper lapse” is a free app that helps you capture time-lapse videos minus the need for any high-end cameras. You can speed up the video to 12 times the original speed.

8. In Shot – Google Play store | Apple iOS

In shot is also called as one of the Top Instagram apps for android and iOS. You can do a lot with this app for your videos like split, cut, trim, and even merge videos. There are various effects that you can add along with the music.

The app is Instagram friendly and will fit perfectly on your grid without any issues.

9. Filmora Go – Google Play store | Apple iOS

Filmora Go is a video editing tool to transform your regular videos into amazing videos. It’s a free app where you can add text, music, and use multiple filters, and much more.

10. Clips – Apple iOS

“Clips” is a people’s favorite app and is also one of Top Instagram apps for iOS because of its insane feature i.e. you can talk on video and the text will appear on the screen. Isn’t that amazing? The best part is that it’s completely free for Apple users. Make the best out of your videos with music, effects, and text.

Best apps for Instagram insights:

Posting pictures and videos is fine but what about the engagement? What’s the best time to post for you and which hashtags work the best for you is what we want to know. With these apps, you can do a lot right from scheduling to checking what works on your Instagram profile.

hootsuite for Instagram business

11. Hoot suite – Google Play store | Apple iOS

Hoot suite is one of the best apps for Instagram business and for individuals too. It’s also one of the best apps for posting on Instagram as you can schedule your posts in advance. Using Hoot suite analytics, you can generate reports and check all your Instagram analytics. This will help you grow and evolve as a content creator.

12. Command for Instagram – Apple iOS

Command is a specific app that works for iOS users. You can get stats that showcase your activity on Instagram right from the number of followers to your posting frequency per week/month. It’s also one of the best apps for Instagram captions as you can get caption recommendations, caption writing support, and hashtag recommendations too.

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Best apps for Instagram layouts:

Layouts have become important as it gives an aesthetic feel to your posts. Now, our prime focus is not just on capturing the best moments but on also getting the best background.

13. Layout from Instagram – Google Play store | Apple iOS

This in-house app from Instagram lets you make a collage, or make various layout styled photos. You can create different collages up to 9 pictures. You can resize, zoom, and reshape pictures within a specific layout.

Unfold for Instagram

14. Unfold – Google Play store | Apple iOS

With over 150+ different templates, Unfold is one of the best apps for Instagram that helps you create layouts and amazing Instagram photos/stories. There are many friends and fellow bloggers I know who love this app. You can try this out too.

Best Hashtag apps for Instagram

Now, here’s where shit gets interesting. The Instagram algorithm is perhaps a black hole or a new language that we don’t understand even after speaking for many years.

Most of us try various hashtags to improve the reach of our post. Sometimes it works and the rest of the time, it doesn’t. Anyway, here are 2 such apps that will help you find hashtags that work for your profile.

Best hashtag app for Instagram

15. Trending Hashtags by Stat Story – Google Play store | Apple iOS

Trending hashtags is one of the best hashtag apps for Instagram as it gives you popular hashtags that are trending in real-time. It also has an algorithm that will find popular and potential hashtags that help you reach a bigger audience.

16. In Tags – Google Play store

Only present on Google play store, “In Tags” is one of the best hashtags apps for Instagram as you can find popular hashtags and generate hashtags with up to 5 keywords chosen by you.

Best Instagram Story Apps:

Most of us who use Instagram will post stories more than pictures and videos. This is because we need lesser effort here. But if you want to take your story to the next level, I have found an app each for Android and iOS users. This will help you enhance your story game and give a new look to your posts.

Best Instagram Story App

17. Story Art & Hype-Type – Google Play store | Apple iOS

With over 50+ themes, 100+ icons and stickers, and 1000+ templates, Story Art is one of the best story apps for Instagram. Enhance the quality of your Insta stories with this app.

Hype-Type for Apple allows you to add weird fonts, text filters, music, and much more. As the name suggests, hype your stories with effects and let your stories stand out from the rest!

I hope you like this list and find it useful for your Instagram journey. Do let me know if you have used any of these apps already.

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