Thursday Challenge – BEVERAGE

Firstly I’d like to wish you guys a Merry Christmas. May this Christmas bring more happiness than you received last year and that this coming year get you what you crave for the most!

“BEVERAGE ” (Coffee Maker, Cafe, Tea, Water, Glass, Wine Glass, Cup,… )

This week’s challenge revolves around the word “BEVERAGE”. What is the meaning of Beverage according to you?

For me, a Beverage is anything from Tea, Coffee, or even a type of alcohol that can quench your thirst and make you feel good.

When it comes to alcohol there are so many names of drinks that come to my mind. Forget the names, there are so many alcohol types. But when I thought of this word, a memory cropped up.

There’s just one picture I’d like to apply for this week and that is from this awesome super-mart in Goa I visited i.e. the Delfinos!

Here’s the picture of a Corona that I got from there. Quite classy and quite smooth. This alcohol type is called “Beer”. If you’ve watched the “Fast and the Furious” movie series, then this will be general for you.

beverage and type of alcohol
Edited via Snapseed

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Thoughts – 9

For this version of “Thoughts” I’d like your help..
I’ll display an image below.
All you have to do is come up with the best tag line in your mind for it..

Here’s the image.


Go ahead and let the creativity spread out.
Waiting for some whacky captions!

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Goa Friends Tour - Teracol Fort

Goa Friends Tour

Goa Friends Tour – 2015

5 friends…

A journey with mixed emotions…

Never ending moments of madness and thrill…

Lots and lots of memories…

Hundreds of pictures…

An array of emotions and memories in those pics…


This is how I would sum up my trip to the one complete destination i.e. GOA. It was always on my “to visit” list and finally on one useless day, 5 friends just verbally decided on a GOA tour. Yes, everyone plans verbally but nothing gets finalized when it comes to a Goa Friends Tour. Here it was the complete opposite. Everything was planned well in advance.

I have so many things to talk about due to the array of emotions we displayed in hundreds of pictures clicked. So I’ll make this as a series where I’ll post a few pictures in a post and describe the emotions behind it. I hope you’ll like it. To begin with, here’s the cast of the GOA Friends Tour and some of the best pictures we have been a part of.

Goa Friends tour - The fantastic 5

Please notice the array of emotions here. Where some have their pearly whites in full shine mode, there are some who have plainly shown their displeasure in the best way known to me.

Our beloved scooty in Goa

There is a lot of importance I gave to this picture. A fun fact; We traveled a lot i.e. like around 650 km in 3 days of the Goa Tour. We thought it’s best to end our trip with an image alongside the bikes. So far you’ve seen all 5 of us. Later in this series, you’re going to see images that are funny, sad, tacky, and sometimes… awesome! I hope you enjoy this whole fun package of Goa madness.

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