My Dear Precious – Part 1

A letter drafted by a guy for his crush.

Hey there!

It’s me again.

For you, i am just your “Friend”

For me, You are…. “Everything”

When we met after a long time, you wanted to catch up.
For me, when i seen you after such a long time, i was spell bound.

You kept talking, i kept listening.
You kept complaining, kept asking, why aren’t i speaking much.
How could i say, you are to blame.
I was swimming in those eyes of yours.
Oh..that feeling.
(P.S – I might have zoned out during that moment, so hardly heard what you said. I kept nodding, so i guess you couldn’t make out.. Phew.. Saved…. But not after you read this)

It took me a while to realise that it wasn’t infatuation or anything else.
I developed this feeling, where i started to care, started to dream.
Now i speak differently to you, that’s what you say.
You feel something is up with me, but i am trying to muster up the courage to say, that you are what’s stuck inside me.

Why can’t i tell you what i feel?

You had a past.
He was the best.
He was talented in every possible aspect.
Perfect in your eyes.
But things couldn’t materialize.
You’ll split amicably.
But still, he is what you think about.
Every small thing you do, you remember him.
He must have been special.

I did muster up some courage to ask you when would you open the doors to love.
Your reply killed me somewhat but i accepted it.
You said the guy has to be better than him.

I am normal. Not superficial, Not multi talented as him.
I am smart, funny and all those things.
But not what you expect.

Its like a scenario where you are standing on a rooftop of a building.
I’m standing down near the garden, hoping you’ll have a glance at me.
All i can do is hope.

I won’t give up on us!
Not so soon..
Not so soon.. 

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