Jose Mourinho’s view on Chelsea winning the EPL


  “Jose Mourinho is Chelsea, Chelsea is Jose Mourinho..”

This man has completely overturned Stamford Bridge’s fortune the moment he stepped in.
The flow of titles, applauders, and achievements have been increasing under his term.
This year he returned back to the place he calls his Home.
Currently as you are reading this, Chelsea has been on top of the table for a couple of days.
Jose says, that his only goal for this year is to finish in the “TOP 4”.
Surprising right?
Why would he say that?
Below are some of my view points.
1)Below par attacking ability by strikers:

From the past two seasons, Chelsea has been suffering from striker blues, as the dwindling form of Fernando Torres and the other attacking option i.e Demba Ba have been underperforming to great extent.
So much, that Jose had to sign Samuel Eto’o. Though he has been average, the overall structure of our attack is still below normal.

2) Midfielders as substitute attackers:

The midfielders, Eden Hazard, Oscar, Willian, Ramires and Lampard were overburdened with their responsibilities as they had to make sure that a goal is scored, apart from making the play.

3) Manchester City and Arsenal:

These two teams have been the ones who we dethroned for the top spot.
But for the first 24 weeks, they have been the ones handling the pressure and the fame of being No.1
Manchester City whose home record we broke, had a stupendous record of scoring at least 3 goals per match. Now that is something every Premier league manager is to be wary of.
Arsenal on the other hand have surprised everyone, with their signing, their tactics, their guns blazing attitude which gives everyone that ray of hope for a premier league title last won during Thierry Henry’s reign.

4) Losing many points:

Losing points at places where all 3 points can be taken is not what will win us the title. The match at Hawthorns, both home and away were really interesting. Even though I’m a Chelsea fan, i thought they deserved the win, but a late controversial penalty got us a point. Karma is a bitch and yes it did come back to haunt us as they leveled the match 1-1. Also, we have lost many opportunities in Mid-season to go on top by dropping points. Not a good sign.

5)Team not up to the mark:

I do not fully agree with this, but maybe he thinks that the team is not of winning material and thus he is convinced that settling at top 4 would be better.

6) Mind games:

Now, everyone knows how the mind games are played by Jose.
He is well known to mentally tackle the other team and the manager in a bid to win the match and surprise them with his tactics.
Many a times those tactics have been questioned.
But all in all, his mind games are like a mystery until its revealed.

These are my pointers and i would love your comments.
Everyone is free to suggest.

What do you think about this article?

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